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The following experts have all been vetted for being standouts in their field. Learn all about them, check out their podcasts and books listed in their personal profiles, and connect with them.

Healers, Meditation & Mental Health


Healer & Meditation Expert

Anne-Marie channels her energy into a longstanding passion for mindful meditation. She offers mindfulness and meditation guidance to a diverse audience, including families, children, adults, school classrooms, and professional groups. 


Suicide Prevention Advocate & Speaker

AnneMoss Rogers

As a TEDx presenter and a personality featured in numerous interviews, including in prominent publications like the New York Times and Variety Magazine, she stands out in her field. Remarkably, she was the first non-medical professional to address youth suicide at the National Institute of Mental Health. Additionally, she contributes as an editor to the American Academy of Pediatrics' Blueprint for Youth Suicide Prevention.

020 - Cami Thelander_3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN.jpg

Grie Coach and Craniosacral Therapist

Cami Thelander specializes in a mindful, body-oriented approach to healing from loss, combining her expertise as a Grief Coach and Craniosacral Therapist. Her journey into this field is deeply personal and stems from her own experiences with loss and grief.

Erin Kabba.tiff

Author, Healer & Death Dula

Erin Faith embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery, emerging from a life once dictated by a non-serving blueprint and a cult-like religious background. This experience of realignment with her true self and calling sparked a profound understanding in her: the societal conditioning that often leads women to suppress their authentic selves and purposes. 

Torri Shack Head Shot 2023 .heic

Mental Health Advocate & Speaker

Torri Shack, CEO and Founder of Tangible Movement, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a transformative advocate at the nexus of mental health and LGBTQIA2S+ issues. Torri is a two-time suicide attempt survivor, a recovering drug addict/alcoholic, a person living with a mental illness, and identifies as transgender using he/him pronouns. His willingness and passion for inspiring others to find health and healing is making an impact around the globe.

Marketing & Communications


Marketing & Communications

Amber Jeanseau is the founder of The Jeanseau Group a full-service marketing, media and communications agency located in Southern California.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 1.45_edited.jpg

Branding, Marketing & Communications

Anita Stubenrauch is an ex-Apple creative veteran who worked her way from retail store employee to executive speechwriter over a 13-year career, designing presentations given to Steve Jobs, authoring Apple’s Credo, and speechwriting for Angela Ahrendts along the way. 


Author & Public Relations Leader

Armed with a degree in public relations from MacEwan University, Heather channels her writing skills to raise awareness for families involved in missing persons cases and beyond.


Marketing, Branding & Packaging

Hector García, the President of MBN Creative Inc., stands as a pioneering entrepreneur in the heart of Anaheim, California, where he founded his branding and design agency specializing in the food and beverage industry over two decades ago. 


Turns Writers Into Best Selling Authors Via Amazon

Steve Kidd has worked with over 4000 people to write, publish and market their books to best seller. His
clients have included billionaires, Olympic athletes, doctors, lawyers, and world-renowned inspirational
speakers. The books he has helped his client create and market have impacted millions around the
world. Steve has run a marketing company for over 36 years, has been in internet marketing for 29
years, and has been doing book marketing for 16 years.

Career & Business Coaches


Author & Founder of Think Like a Boss

Alexandra Bernard-Simmons

Alexandra Bernard-Simmons, the visionary founder and CEO of Think Like a Boss, is acclaimed for her entrepreneurial and artistic prowess. Her journey has seen her excel as an author, entertainer, and successful businesswoman.

Cara Houser square.jpg

Author & Career Strategist

Cara Houser

Cara Houser is a best-selling author, career strategist, and empowerment coach, and she helps high-impact leaders step into their power and go from burned out to lit up.


Business Coach

Jordan Hirsch

Jordan Hirsch stands out as a dynamic presentation and confidence coach, equipping leaders from diverse backgrounds to excel in communication, collaboration, and leadership with an infectious blend of confidence and joy. 

Life Coaches & Motivataional Speakers


Life Coach & Galactic Contact Specialist

Eesha Patel

Eesha's role as a thought leader in galactic consciousness and willingness to coach others signifies her deep involvement and innovative contributions to understanding and communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence and the broader cosmic community. Her approach often intertwines spirituality with scientific curiosity, aiming to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown.


Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

Sue Bowles

Sue Bowles, the founder of My Step Ahead, is a compassionate advocate dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health struggles, particularly within Christian communities. Her journey began in 2015 when her pastor emphasized the transformative power of supporting others by being just one step ahead in their growth.


Career Coach & Motivational Speaker

Jordan Hirsch

Jordan Hirsch stands out as a dynamic presentation and confidence coach, equipping leaders from diverse backgrounds to excel in communication, collaboration, and leadership with an infectious blend of confidence and joy. 

Yoga, Pilates Instructors & Trainers

020 - Cami Thelander_3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN.jpg

Yogi & Grief Coach

Cami Thelander

Cami's approach is rooted in an integrative blend of yoga, essential oils, Craniosacral Therapy, and grief coaching. This comprehensive methodology not only facilitated her own healing but also equipped her with a unique set of tools and insights. Today, Cami dedicates her practice to assisting others in their journey through grief.


Pilates Instructor

Gabrielle Saran

Embracing her entrepreneurial spirit, Gabrielle has founded Saran Pilates, opening studios in Los Angeles, Asheville, NC, and Atlanta. Her studios focus on the transformative power of Pilates in improving body alignment, posture, and core strength, benefiting clients through increased flexibility and mental well-being.

Relationship Experts


Relationship & Breakup Coach

Emmi Fortin

Emmi helps people turn their breakup, divorce, or relationship stress into an opportunity to understand themselves better. She helps her clients develop the self leadership skills to create a clear vision of where they are going so they can feel a renewed sense of self, increased confidence, and enjoy the stress-free life of their dreams as they move forward.


Sex Educator

Dr. Emily Morse

Doctor of Human Sexuality, Emily Morse, is on a mission to liberate the conversation about sex and pleasure. For nearly 20 years, Morse’s work has made her the best-selling author of her newly released book, Smart Sex: How to Boost Your Sex IQ & Own Your Pleasure, and Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight!, a pioneering MasterClass Instructor on Sex and Communication, and host of the #1 Sexuality podcast Sex With Emily.



Tattoo Artist

Brian Giacobone

Brian is a globally acclaimed tattoo artist with a decade of experience and is a maestro in the realm of ink and creativity. Specializing in new school traditional art, His mastery extends to various tattooing styles, showcasing a versatile skill set.


Billboard Charting Singer & Motivational Speaker

Caley Rose

Renowned on the Billboard charts and celebrated as a motivational speaker, Caley Rose is a dynamic pop singer and songwriter known for her empowering music featured on Top 40 radio, TV, commercials, and film.


American Artist

Leona Gamble

Leona Gamble is an American fine artist who specializes in oil paintings that depict the inner and outer landscapes of the human experience, creating art for those that are seeking to express their unique journey reflected in the beauty of their homes.



Roger Fountain

Roger Fountain's journey from music executive to renowned photographer showcases his unique global perspective. Our bond, formed at Paramount Studios, highlighted our shared creativity and viewpoints. His work, especially through travels and in his book "Angel Eyes," challenges conventional narratives, offering insights from his lens as an African American. Roger's photography invites viewers to explore diverse stories, enriching the global narrative with his distinct vision.


Modern Artist

Suzanne Zan Graham

Suzanne looks inside herself to create her original oil paintings. Every painting is unique. Her motto is, “it takes a lot of lefts to make a right.” Her work blends a mixture of contemplation and pure joy and is a channel for the expression of deep feelings. If you look into the combination of textures and colors, every person will find their story.

Her paintings have been sold throughout the United States.

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