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Nature Meditation

This morning meditation was designed to help you greet the day with a sense of peace, renewal, and connection to the Earth. As the sun ascends, so will your awareness and gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us.


This meditation is best experienced outdoors during the golden moments of dawn, but you can enjoy it any other time of the day. By tuning into the natural world and the powerful symbolism of the rising sun, you'll find the grounding and inspiration you need to start your day with positivity and grace.



Find a comfortable spot outside where you can sit or stand to witness the sunrise. 


Take a few deep breaths to center yourself.


Close your eyes momentarily to become aware of your surroundings.

Image by Ales Krivec


Image by Aron Visuals

Feel the Earth
Beneath Your Feet

    Open your eyes and feel the earth beneath you. Imagine roots extending from your feet deep into the ground.

Turquoise Sky

Breathe Deeply 

Take a deep breath in, visualizing the Earth's energy rising up these roots and filling your body.

Image by Carl Newton


​Exhale, releasing any stress, tension, or negativity back into the Earth.


Close your eyes again and focus on the sounds around you. The chirping of the birds, the rustling of leaves, the gentle breeze.

Each sound is a voice in the chorus of morning. Imagine these sounds entering your ears and becoming a part of you, connecting you to nature's waking moments.

In the city and need
some nature sounds?

Image by Kent Pilcher


​Next, open your eyes and look towards the horizon where the sun is about to rise. Keep your gaze soft and relaxed. Whiteness the sky shifting through shades of blue, purples, and pinks, and reds as the sun makes itself known.

As you watch, think about the promise that each new day holds. The sun is a symbol of hope, renewal, and the eternal cycle of life.

Breathe deeply and take in the energy that's being sent to you and through you. Be silent and soak it all in for as long as you can...


Or, don't want the magic to end? 

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