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Authentic Rebel Speakers Series

Emmi Fortin

Meet Emmi, a Breakup and Relationship Coach dedicated to guiding women and men through the overwhelming and transformative journey of starting over when a relationship ends. Acknowledging that breakups can be among the most challenging and impactful times in one's life, Emmi understands the pivotal role that choices during this period play in shaping the future.


Emmi is a 2x award-winning and bestselling author of her spicy memoir, Who Is Your Red Dress? One Woman’s Quest to Break Up with a Love Addiction. Through writing and sharing her story of the passion and heartbreak she experienced in the world of salsa dancing, she was inspired to change careers, allowing her to live more authentically in her purpose. As a high school biology teacher of 16 years, her decision to leave and start her own coaching business was a courageous one. Emmi is now a go-to expert in the field known for her innovative strategies. She has been featured in numerous podcasts and media outlets such as Katie Couric Media, Cosmopolitan, AskMen, and Newsweek. Her mission is to assist individuals who feel stuck after a breakup, divorce, or relationship in turning these challenging moments into opportunities for self-discovery so they can not only accept their authentic self but create a hopeful and exciting vision for their present and future. 

Emmi specializes in empowering her clients to develop essential self-leadership skills through her multiple published guided journals, tangible action steps, and teaching people how to craft and own their personal narratives. Through her guidance, individuals can cultivate a renewed sense of self, increased confidence, and embark on the path towards the stress-free life they envision. Her coaching aims to help people not only cope with the aftermath of a breakup but also to thrive and find fulfillment as they move forward in their lives. For more information, visit

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