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Authentic Rebel Speaker Series

Cara Houser

Cara Houser is a best-selling author, career strategist, and empowerment coach, and she helps high-impact leaders step into their power and go from burned out to lit up. Clients hone their ability to see and articulate their value (and values) and tap into their power, possibility, and purpose to pursue what matters most to them in their lives and careers.


In her first career, Cara spent 20 years learning how to survive and ultimately thrive in the pressure cooker field of real estate development. It’s an “always on” business, in which it is a peculiar badge of honor to be so “busy” as to have few, if any, other priorities in life. 


Trying to be everything to everyone (except herself), Cara learned about burnout the hard way, and spent nearly two years testing out every possible way to heal herself and get back into rich, full-bodied, joy-filled living. 


In 2023 she published her first book titled Burned Out to Lit Up: Ditch the Grind and Reclaim Your Life, a best-selling guidebook for burnout recovery.

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