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Authentic Rebel Speaker Series

Jordan Hirsch

Jordan Hirsch stands out as a dynamic presentation and confidence coach, equipping leaders from diverse backgrounds to excel in communication, collaboration, and leadership with an infectious blend of confidence and joy. His multifaceted career spans roles as a seasoned manager, consultant, improv comedian, and captivating public speaker. Jordan's expertise is further solidified by his credentials as a leadership coach, a professionally trained team development facilitator, and an invigorating creative collaborator.

With an impressive track record of over two decades in the tech industry, Jordan's experience is both extensive and diverse. He has navigated through a variety of pivotal roles, ranging from developer to technical architect, and ascending to leadership positions such as director of engineering, strategy, and innovation.


His most recent role as director of training and facilitation showcases his unique ability to blend technical acumen with people skills, making him a formidable force in the field of leadership development. Jordan's journey through these multifarious roles not only reflects his versatility and adaptability but also imbues him with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the tech landscape, which he adeptly applies in his coaching to empower leaders and teams. Learn more about him at

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