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Roger Fountain

Roger Fountain has been passionate about capturing moments since his early childhood, with photography emerging as his second love, preceded only by his affinity for drawing.

I first met him when I was 22 years old in my very first real-world job at Paramount Studios. We became quick friends and made a habit of talking about life and laughing our heads off during breaks. Our birthdays are one day apart, and as both Taurus-Geminis we just got each other.

Since those days, Roger transitioned from a television music executive to "Seeing what he was hearing" as a photographer.

His travels have taken him between the contrasting landscapes of Paris and Los Angeles, with memorable stops in Cuba and Ethiopia.

His vast experiences led him to a poignant observation: that the global narrative is often depicted through an anglo-centric lens. However, as an African American man, Roger's view of the world and its stories stands distinct.


This unique perspective fuels his work and storytelling, culminating in his book "Angel Eyes." Through his diverse portfolio, Roger invites audiences to experience the world through his singular lens.

Learn more about Roger here.

- Intro by Jen Engevik

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