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Expert & Brand  Accelerator

Our vision is to be a launchpad for authentic experts and brands seeking to connect deeply with their target audiences. This hub provides a mix of information, guidance, and access to tools to help your brand thrive.

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Score an Expert 

Be a part of our carefully vetted expert directory and play a vital role in our community.

You'll be able to showcase your passion for your work, the books you've written, videos and podcasts you've produced, courses you've launched, and so much more.

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What's in an expert listing?

Headshot or Photo Gallery

Bring your favorite headshot and photos to our branding team and they'll make you look like a million bucks.


You can showcase your videos and even monetize them if you'd prefer. A RevShare model will apply to all monetized videos. 


Have a book you've written? We'll incorporate it into your profile and send users directly to the link of your choice.


You'll have plenty of space to tell the world your story and deeply connect with your target audience's needs & values.

Digital Files

Have digital files and downloads you'd like to include? No problem.

Embedded Podcast & Socials

We'll embed your podcast and your social media feeds. Easy-peasy. The sky's the limit!

We have big plans for experts as we grow. Dive in with us now, and we'll make sure you're a part of our growth plan and the first to access cutting-edge tools as we release them. Click here to apply.

Showcase Your Brand

Publish articles about your brand. It's free...and fun. And there's more!

When you invest in an expert profile, you're invited to publish articles to our membership. You also have the power to create, grow, and manage a group. We're also amp'd at the thought of partnering with you and creating an advertising campaign via email, social, and native advertising channels.

Launch & Advertise

Image by Inja Pavlić

& Media Tours

Need help with your brand, product, and/or book launch? We can lead your PR efforts for print, digital, and TV. Our team will help craft your story and share it with the world.

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Advertising & Social Growth

We've been in the advertising game for decades and know how to connect brands with their target audience. We'll develop and execute an impactful plan within The Authentic Rebel ecosystem & beyond. Let's work together!


Create &
Monetize a Course

We're seeking experts and brands with a passion for sharing knowledge. Our platform isn't open to every course creator - only those who are vetted and connect with our ethos. Have a course you'd like to pitch?

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