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Mindful Meditation Expert 

Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Anne-Marie Emanuelli grew up in the diverse community of Taos, NM where art and culture are deeply embedded. Her educational background includes a B.F.A from the University of Denver, and an M.S. in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in New York City. After traveling and studying in France for three years, attending the Université of Paris La Sorbonne and the Ecole des Art Decoratifs in Nice, France, she has had a multifaceted career, ranging from her role as an advertising representative and designer at The Taos News, to running her own business, Emanuelli Advertising Design for over a decade. Her professional trajectory later shifted to education, where she made her mark as a secondary and university educator, teaching a variety of subjects including French, Graphic Design, Computer Applications, and English Language Arts.


​Retiring from her teaching career in 2020, Anne-Marie is channeling her energy into a longstanding passion for mindful meditation. As the creative director of Mindful Frontiers LLC, she offers mindfulness and meditation guidance to a diverse audience, including families, children, adults, school classrooms, and professional groups. This guidance helps build emotional resilience to better handle life's challenges. Mindful Frontiers is dedicated to community wellness and guides people, groups, and schools in learning and practicing mindfulness through vipassana (insight) meditation. The full range of offerings and professional credentials may be explored further at

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