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Authentic Rebel Speaker Series

AnneMoss Rogers 

AnneMoss, a mother who experienced the profound loss of her son Charles to suicide and addiction in 2015, has since dedicated her life to promoting mental health and suicide prevention, aiming to prevent other families from enduring such a heartbreaking and avoidable tragedy.

As a TEDx presenter and a personality featured in numerous interviews, including in prominent publications like the New York Times and Variety Magazine, she stands out in her field. Remarkably, she was the first non-medical professional to address youth suicide at the National Institute of Mental Health. Additionally, she contributes as an editor to the American Academy of Pediatrics' Blueprint for Youth Suicide Prevention.


Her presentations are both motivating and captivating, addressing subjects often shunned by society. Her genuine and open approach resonates deeply with her audiences, setting her apart from typical public speakers. Her journey, though beginning with an unthinkable loss, ultimately conveys a message of hope and encouragement. Transforming her life completely, from selling her marketing business to becoming a passionate advocate, and learning to live as a parent who lost a child to suicide, she has emerged as a beacon of resilience and inspiration for many who are grappling with their own struggles. Learn more about her at and

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