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Tick Tock: A Journey of Reflection

The journey’s been colorful, with highs and lows,

Tick tock, what does it all mean?

You hit your stride at forty,

Then everything starts to speed away.

When you’re young, you think you’ll live forever,

But that’s just a beautiful lie.

Life hands out lessons, sweet and cruel,

Navigating them with other humans.

We show the world our faces—some real, some a lie.

Why are we so different, destined to collide?

Does anyone ever really know who we are?

Sometimes I feel like I’m lost in the dark.

I dream of an island, just me and like-minded souls.

How long must I navigate a world

Filled with those so different from me?

Tick tock, the clock keeps turning,

What does it all mean?

Tick tock, my heart is yearning

For a place where I can just be.



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