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Nothing Is Insurmountable When You Are Determined

Sometimes life knocks you down. It has its ups and downs twists and turns like a roller coaster, never knowing what to expect you just hold on and prepare for the ride. Getting knocked down doesn’t equate to life being over in fact you can begin again. It’s inevitable that at some point life is going to knock you down, however, to stay down or get up and move forward is a choice. Stand up reset, reignite, recharge, and restart.

Starting over is never an easy task—I’ve started over so many times that one would wonder why I haven’t thrown in the towel. Simply put, I embrace and enjoy my ups and conquer my downs.

It wasn’t always this simple because I have thrown myself several pity parties. I kept the whole woe-is-me mentality, which contributed to nothing besides complacency.

Looking back, I lived in comfortable chaos. Fear kept me from reaching my full potential. Fear hindered my growth. Fear allowed me to talk myself out of opportunities. But fear no longer lives here.

I had to come to terms with the notion that getting knocked down doesn't mean staying down... it's just a moment in time... and in time the conqueror in me will prevail. In Conclusion

If you’re above ground, you will face obstacles. You will be tested, you will get knocked down. The question is how will you choose to handle it?

Will you stay down, or will you fight?

Once you understand your power and your purpose, the blows from life may connect but won’t leave you defeated because Nothing Is Insurmountable When You Are Determined.



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