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Laughter=Love: Earth to Robin Williams


Earth to Robin...We, the people of Earth, Love You.


No one will ever really know why you chose to shed your mortal coil...was it really depression or did you know it was time to go and perform in the 4th dimension?


We do know your comedic and dramatic genius will be sorely missed all over this touched us all in a very loving and spiritual way. 


I was also born in 1951 and I count it an honor being born in the same year as you.

I always wanted to meet hopefully go to one of your standups...but alas...not meant to be.

So...I thought I'd send you this email to let you know how we...the people of Earth feel about you...

First...we love you...for so many made us laugh when you burst on the scene of Happy Days...then the spin-off to Mork and Mindy...coming out as a naive alien landing on earth is so you...unique, original and very funny.

Your movies...both funny and dramatic were all you...not just you playing a part...but you...from your perspective of the are the character...and the character is you.

Much the free can speak funny as quick as you can think it...and we mortal earthlings still struggle to walk and chew gum at the same time.

The rebel professor in Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society (O Captain, My Captain) made us believe we are all special and unique...try...maybe you'll fail...but try and you already win. This life is The Play...and we all have a “verse” in The Play. 

Mrs. dealt with divorce and the pain of separation from your children and what you would do to be with them...which is anything... because you are your kids and your kids are you.

In the Birdcage, you are a loving gay man in a monogamous relationship & loving father with a straight son that wants you to be what you are not to appease the establishment, right wing congressman…his future father-in-law.  You made waves here that are lasting a lifetime in the LGBT people of the world.

In Good Morning Vietnam you made us look at the true greed of politics and horror of war...there is no winner...we all lose...people die…but in the midst of made people…and for brief moments...made people feel like they were "home" and human again.


Patch Adams...such a loving spirit...ironically playing a depressed man and learning that helping someone was what made you truly you went to Medical School to learn the basics of medicine and then take it to your level of medicine...using humor... 'I prescribe 30 minutes of The Three Stooges per day.'

No one else could've played that part but put the Gesundheit Institute…and Universal Care…which the Insurance Companies are still fighting tooth and nail…to the forefront of our collective consciousness.


I am convinced that all these movies and others not mentioned were cosmically created to be played by you because they ARE YOU.


Many philosophers believe the unseen is more real than the seen...and I do too...

You gave us laughter...challenged us to always question conventional march to the beat of our own drum...and to see the Beauty in a Butterfly... are forever a part of all the people of Earth...and we are a part of gave everything and we are a better people because you touched us all.


My hope and prayer is that we all can fall deeply in love with "helping people" instead of fighting and killing people...and maybe once in a while...putting a smile on anyone’sface...simply by saying “hello”. May we all be guilty of Random Acts of you did with your dear friend, Christopher Reeve, and no doubt many others too.


I still look forward to meeting you…but not yet.


Earth to Robin...We Love You!



Steve Clymer


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1 Comment

Beautiful. love this so much.


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