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Dawn of the Vegan Era: Our Time Is Now

Once a consumer of flesh and dairy, I stand,

In the shadows of past choices, with ignorance at hand.

But the clock has ticked its final tock, echoing loud and clear,

It’s too late for excuses, the moment to act is here.

We’re not just eating habits, or silent, passive trends,

We’re the voices rising, where the Earth’s plea never ends.

“Times up!” we declare, with urgency in our plea,

For vegans are the guardians, of a future we wish to see.

No longer can we whisper, it’s a scream into the void,

For every animal saved, for every life not destroyed.

It’s a battle for the heart of our planet, so green and so blue,

An act of love, a movement, for me and for you.

So, let the dawn of the vegan era, be more than just a choice,

Let it be our battle cry, our unified, resounding voice.

It’s too late to say we can’t, when the Earth itself is calling,

We must rise, act and change, to prevent our home from falling.



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