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20 Life Lessons from a Woman Who's Been There, Done That, & Survived to Tell the Tale

Hello, fellow life enthusiasts! I'm the woman with a resume as colorful as a patchwork quilt and a love life that could rival any soap opera. You see, I've dipped my toes into everything from being a barista to a CEO, and I've walked down the aisle more times than I care to count. But who's counting, right?

My name's not important, but my stories? Oh, they're the real deal. Picture this: a young, starry-eyed girl with dreams as vast as the ocean, setting off on a life journey with a suitcase full of ambition and a heart full of hope. I've been a waitress, a scuba instructor, and even tried my hand at being a magician's assistant (spoiler alert: rabbits are trickier than they look).

I've loved, lost, and loved again. My marriages? Let's just say I've had more than my fair share of 'I dos' and 'I don’ts'. But each husband left me with wisdom, a few laughs, and an uncanny ability to identify a good bottle of wine.

But here's the thing: every job, every love, every wild adventure - they've all been chapters in the grand book of my life. And each chapter taught me invaluable lessons about the art of being unapologetically me.

1. Being Yourself: The Art of Embracing the Quirky

As a woman who's had her fair share of 'oops' moments, let me tell you, pretending to be someone else is like wearing a bad Halloween costume year-round. Embrace your quirks - they're your superpowers!

2. Expressing Your Feelings: The Emotional Olympics

Remember that time I cried at a bus stop because the driver said 'good morning'? Yeah, emotions are like unpredictable weather; it's healthier to let them rain down than to bottle them up like last year's Christmas lights.

3. Following Your Dreams: The Pursuit of Happyness, With a 'Y'

Chasing dreams can feel like running in heels (trust me, not a good idea). But here's the thing: the pursuit is what life's about. Even if you trip, you're moving forward.

4. Your Past Mistakes: The Classroom of Life

I once dyed my hair green thinking it was brown. Lesson learned? Mistakes are just life's way of saying, "Congrats, you're not a robot!"

5. Saying No: The Power of the N-O

Learning to say 'no' is like finding the mute button in a world of noise. It's not being rude; it's being real with your limits. And it's liberating, like ditching a pair of tight jeans.

6. Your Appearance: The Unique You Show

I've got a nose that can sniff out a bakery a mile away and hips that don't lie. Your appearance is the cover of your life's book; make it as colorful and authentic as you are.

7. Asking Questions: The 'I'm Not Google' Approach

Asking questions doesn't make you clueless; it makes you curious. And curiosity didn’t kill the cat; it probably just made it wiser and a bit nosier.

8. Your Priorities: The Juggling Act

Balancing life's priorities is like trying to fold a fitted sheet - confusing and often frustrating. But it's okay to have your own method, even if it looks like a lumpy ball.

9. Needing Alone Time: The Solo Party A

s someone who talks to her plants, let me vouch, solitude is not just okay; it's a party where you can eat the entire cake by yourself.

10. Your Beliefs and Values: The Stubborn Stance

I've got beliefs and values stronger than my grandma's coffee. They're the spine of your life's book; keep them strong and your story stays upright.

11. Not Meeting Others' Expectations: The Liberating Letdown

You can't please everyone - it's like trying to make a playlist for a party of penguins and flamingos. Dance to your own rhythm.

12. Your Success: The Pat-Yourself-On-The-Back Moment

Every small victory is a reason to celebrate. Even if it's just getting out of bed or not burning toast. Take a bow; you're doing great.

13. Having High Standards: The Sky's the Limit

Aiming high is like reaching for the top shelf. Sure, it's a stretch, but the goodies up there are worth it. Don't settle for the low-hanging fruit; you deserve the star-studded pie.

14. Your Emotional Reactions: The Rollercoaster Ride

Emotions can be rollercoasters, and sometimes, I'm not tall enough for the ride. But that's okay. They make life colorful, like a box of mismatched socks.

15. Choosing Your Own Path: The Road Less Traveled

Taking your own path is like going off the GPS route. Scary? A bit. Exciting? Absolutely. Just watch out for potholes.

16. Not Knowing Everything: The 'Jeopardy!' Audition Fail

Admitting you don't know everything is freeing. It's like quitting the job of being a walking encyclopedia - which, by the way, I failed miserably at.

17. Taking Time to Respond: The Thoughtful Pause

Pausing before responding is like looking both ways before crossing - it can save you from a lot of 'Oops, did I just say that?' moments.

18. Your Hobbies and Interests: The Personal Flavor

My hobbies include talking to inanimate objects and collecting seashells. Weird? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely. Your hobbies are the sprinkles on your life's sundae.

19. Asking for Help: The Strength in Vulnerability

Asking for help is like admitting you can't reach the top shelf. It's not a weakness; it's just being human. Plus, it's a great way to meet tall people.

20. Changing Your Mind: The Mind's Dance

Changing your mind is the mind’s dance. One day you love broccoli, the next you don't. It's not fickle; it's evolution. Keep dancing!

So there you have it!

Lessons from a life of tripping, falling, getting up, and wearing the t-shirt. Remember, life's too short for regret - wear your quirks like a crown and strut through this crazy, beautiful journey.



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