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Authentic Rebel Speaker Series

Faith Middleton

Faith Middleton, a prominent figure in public radio, is best known for hosting The Faith Middleton Show on Connecticut Public Radio. Her media career extended beyond radio, as she produced and hosted various television series for Connecticut Public Television and contributed to NPR programs like All Things Considered and Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Prior to her broadcasting career, Middleton worked in print journalism and was the editor-in-chief of Connecticut Magazine.

Middleton's radio career flourished with her own show starting in 1982, earning widespread acclaim. She received numerous accolades, including two George Foster Peabody Awards and the Mark Twain Award from the Connecticut Press Association. Her show's format transitioned from daily to weekly with The Faith Middleton Food Schmooze, running until November 2019. Middleton also made significant contributions to literature, authoring "The Goodness of Ordinary People," reflecting on the human spirit.

In addition to her media career, Middleton was actively involved in community events and environmental causes. She co-chaired the Celebration of Connecticut Farms alongside celebrities like Meryl Streep and co-chaired The Connecticut Audubon Society Eagle Festival with Phil Donahue. Middleton's influence extended to academia, where she was an Associate Fellow at Yale University and taught a course titled The Art of the Interview. Learn more about her at

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