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Author & Motivational Speaker

Carlos Vasquez

Carlos Vasquez is more than a name; he embodies transformation. His remarkable path from a young man facing a 20-year prison sentence to becoming an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and development coach showcases the incredible power of resilience and the human spirit's capacity to overcome adversity. At 19, Carlos's life took a dramatic turn, but it was within the confines of a solitary cell that he found his true purpose, thanks to a life-changing conversation with a chaplain.

Despite the physical bars that held him, Carlos's spirit soared free. He dedicated himself to education, earning a psychology degree and using his experiences as the foundation for profound personal growth. His journey of self-discovery and empowerment led to the creation of "The PRICE: Five Principles to Break the Bonds of Trauma and Achieve Personal Success." Released in March 2023, his book has become a beacon of hope and a guide for success, celebrated in classrooms around the world for its inspiring message. 

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