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Authentic Rebel Speaker Series

Shana Pereira

Shana, born in Darwin, Australia, carried big dreams from her youth, inspired by her refugee family's resilience. Emigrating to the U.S. in 2003, she became an award-winning advertising executive, earning over 30 industry accolades for her work with Fortune 100 brands.

Facing kidney failure, Shana, dubbed the COO of her medical team, applied her executive skills to assemble a medical dream team. Post-2020 transformation, she founded Shana Inked, comprising Miracle Media for impactful storytelling, The Collective for media and marketing consultancy, and Crisis Support, showcasing her commitment to transforming fear into resilience.

Today, Shana's journey, shared authentically, serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating shared human experiences. Her dedication to Crisis Support reflects her transformative compassion, demonstrating the profound impact of one person uplifting humanity.

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