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Will I still Love Me Tomorrow?

In most human lives ( twins, sextuplets and all other team births excluded) we enter this world alone and depart in a similar solo fashion. Our life journeys all start with eggs, fertilizer and a cozy place to start growing.

Then, when we enter the world… taking our very first breaths… the miracle of life has now begun.

Being born and being a part of life on earth is an actual miracle. Yet somehow those simple facts seem to get lost or taken for granted... once we accept and become a part of our fast-paced, ego driven societies.

The desire to embody material success, can stunt our soul growth and stop us from seeing the raw beauty that constantly surrounds us.

Often more and more as time goes on our youthful awe for something truly incredible, such as a bird perfectly navigating their flight path across oceans, or an ant carrying what looks like a crumb the size of a mountain on its back… fades and is forgotten like an old Nokia cellphone.

Yet... hope is always there to help us remember pure unadulterated joy and excitement. Children feel like a version of hope to adults, because they remind us of simpler times.

Feeling child-like happiness is something many of us have to work at. Embracing how it felt and letting that appreciation for being alive back into our daily lives... is no easy quest.

Our earth journeys are short. It is our chance to evolve and to learn how to work together. To spread love, be grateful every day for what we have and to be kind to everything on this magnificent planet.

We as humans put so much emphasis on acceptance and love… from other humans. Our pursuit of acceptance and love from fellow humans often overshadows the respect we owe to the creatures we share this world with, and to the delicate ecosystems that sustain us.

Overconsumption and resource depletion are not merely unfortunate, but a stain on our collective conscience. The pace at which we fill our lives with distractions prevents introspection and growth, leaving us yearning for simplicity and meaning.

Many of us find ourselves on a chaotic path driven by greed, gluttony, and denial, only to reach the final stops of guilt and regret. Regret for time not spent with loved ones, for missed opportunities, and for not pursuing joy.

As time passes and weeks begin to feel more like days and years seem like mere months. We might start to look at insignificant things, like how we measure up against our peers. Otherwise known as the mid-life crisis.

It is a crisis, because we made it that way, by not living every day like it could be our last. Making every moment count. Not making happiness and living with intention a priority.

Revisiting the basics allows us to reclaim our authenticity, discover genuine happiness, and experience the exhilaration of growth and self-realization. The joy that has always lingered within us can be reignited.

When life presents challenges, I focus on simple things and let them lead me to a lighter, more peaceful place.

Like taking a walk with my dogs. The feeling of their leashes in my hand when they walk together in unison. Each of their individual steps becoming synchronized.

Prolonged stress becomes chronic, because we don’t always know how to release negativity out. Or maybe we have just accepted constant stress and chaos. Made it an acceptable part of our lives.

Today can be the most beautiful day. You just have to want it to be. Each step toward happiness, each decision to seek joy, sets a transformation in motion. Purpose becomes the North Star, and the journey itself becomes the destination.

Find your purpose, focus on the journey and live with intention. When you live with intention, then the smallest of tasks, perhaps once thought of as boring, can become enjoyable.

As Mary Poppins said “in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and ‘snap’ the job’s a game.” Find the fun! We all deserve to have a beautiful life.

Let’s start the journey to change our lives and to find joy together.



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