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Why I’m Using AirTags to Track My Cat and Protect My Pup

I wanted to share a little story about how Apple AirTags unexpectedly became a vital part of my life with my pets. I live with two wonderful animals: Luna, my adventurous cat who's always on the prowl, and Buddy, my Beagle who has been known to escape from time to time.

My journey with Apple AirTags started rather serendipitously. A friend had mentioned using them for his camera equipment, and that got me thinking. Could these small gadgets help me keep tabs on Luna during her escapades? But I never imagined they would become a crucial tool for Buddy.

Just for full disclosure... I had concerns about the safety of attaching a tech gadget to my pets. But after some research, I learned that AirTags emit low-energy Bluetooth signals, similar to many household devices. This assurance was crucial for me, confirming that I wasn't compromising my pets' health for the sake of convenience.

I attached an AirTag to Luna's collar for peace of mind and was curious about her wanderings around the neighborhood. Of course, I'm not a fan of cats being outside on a daily basis, but I just can't keep her inside.

Buddy, on the other hand, only goes out on a leash, so I never thought he'd need one on his collar. That all changed one day when Buddy, unexpectedly, decided to dig under our fence and embark on an adventure of his own.

I can't tell you the panic I felt when I realized he wasn't in the yard. At that moment of panic, I wished I had thought to put one on Buddy. Luckily, our neighbor quickly found Buddy and brought him home. I had an extra AirTag at home and put it on his collar.

Thankfully, the next time Buddy pulled his escaping act, I was prepared. Following the signal on my iPhone, I tracked Buddy’s path through the neighborhood. It was an anxious yet confident because I could see where he was.

I felt a mix of emotions – worry, of course, but also a strange sense of connection to his little adventure. It was a journey that eventually led me to a nearby park, where he was sniffing around, blissfully unaware of the mini heart attack he'd given me.

AirTags have become a crucial part of ensuring both of my animals safety, giving me a sense of security and peace of mind. Honestly, I'm so sold on them that if I had a child, I'd even consider having them carry one in their pocket.



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