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Wake Up and Fight: End Yulin’s Cruelty

In the shadow of Yulin’s cries,

Where dogs and cats face cruel demise,

A week of torment, pain, and fear,

Echoes loud, but do we hear?

Exploitation’s roots run deep,

In every heart that fails to weep,

For voiceless souls, in chains confined,

Their suffering etched in humankind.

How can we, with hearts so vast,

Believe our role is to outlast

By torture’s hand, by cruel decree,

Inflicting pain on those not free?

The answer lies within our grasp,

To end this cruel, unyielding clasp.

Humanity, it’s time to see,

The power lies with you and me.

Shake yourself, recall your core,

Compassionate, as never before.

I walked this path, I found my way,

Embraced a vegan life to stay.

Not born this way, but learned to be,

To see the world through empathy.

My anxious heart found peace anew,

In knowing love in all we do.

For every creature, great and small,

We hold the power, we make the call.

To end the pain, to stop the fight,

To stand for what we know is right.

Veganism, a path to mend,

The broken bonds, the hearts to tend.

My panic fades, but sorrow stays,

For those who suffer in these days.

Yet hope persists, within my mind,

That we can leave this cruel behind.

A world where kindness leads the way,

Where love and justice win the day.

This poem is about the horrific Yulin Dog Meat Festival, in China, where innocent animals are tortured and killed for human consumption. It’s a call to action to end not just this specific atrocity but all forms of animal abuse perpetuated by the meat, egg, and dairy industries.

Fuck the exploiters. Please, let’s stop supporting them. We do have the power as everyday humans to stop these industries. We don’t have to buy from them. Isn’t that powerful—to be able to make a real difference? Is that what we want as humans—to speak out for those who can’t and make a real difference in this world? This exploitation is destroying our hearts, our bodies, our minds, and the planet all in one.

I won’t stop fighting. I can’t look back. Veganism is the greatest peace I have found in life. I have suffered greatly in my life, with PTSD, chronic anxiety, and depression looming over me, but now I can say that I just don’t experience that anymore.

I can’t scientifically prove that veganism has stopped pretty much all of my panic attacks and debilitating anxiety, but I know it has. As an empath, putting suffering and anxiety into my body through meat, dairy, and eggs—what did I expect to happen? My empathic, energy-sensitive body reacted accordingly.

I used to see roadkill and feel their whole journey, all their pain. The panic was so crippling, it felt like my heart was going to explode. Now, my body and heart spare me from that intense level of feeling. I feel sadness, but it’s not so crippling. Please, stand up, speak out, and make the change. The world needs you to be brave.



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