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Thrills & Chills on Halloween Hill

Beneath the moon's enchanting light,

Gather creatures, a spooky sight.

Monsters groove, pumpkins glow,

Ghosts and ghouls put on a show.

Witches brewing, casting spells,

Tales of terror, the night foretells.

Cackling, swirling in the air,

Cooking up brews with utmost care.

Bats flap wings in their midnight flight,

Owls hoot, adding to the fright.

Zombies limbo, mummies jive,

The undead dance, barely alive.

Kids in costumes, creatively styled,

Superheroes and goblins, running wild.

Bags of candy, treats galore,

Excited squeals, a Halloween score.

It's a night of spooks and laughter,

With tricks and treats ever after.

So come join in this eerie thrill,

On Halloween Hill, where ghosts frolic at will.


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