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My Vegan Shift: A Journey of Awareness

In the slow unfolding of my vegan quest,

A path less followed, a heart’s deep test.

Not a leap taken in the darkness of the night,

But a gentle awakening, a shift towards the light.

Linking dots across a vast, moral sky,

Seeking answers to the age-old question: why?

Why we’re here on this vibrant, spinning sphere,

Not to rule with fear, or cause a tear.

Our ancestors, with their flaws laid bare,

Might’ve been misguided, but now we’re aware.

Though centuries change, some truths remain the same,

It’s time to rise above, to redefine our aim.

We’re meant to be creators, not destroyers in the fray,

Champions for the voiceless, turning night to day.

Not to indulge our worst, but to embrace our best,

To be the change, to put cruelty to rest.

I will not be silenced, nor will I ignore,The silent pleas of those who speak no more.

To the factory farms, hidden out of sight,

I stand against you, ready to fight.

My eyes are open, my heart is set,

On a world where kindness is the safest bet.

I call out to you, to join this vital fight,

Together, we can make the darkness light.


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