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The Retirement Crisis: Empowering Middle America and Small Businesses for a Secure Future

The looming retirement crisis in America projects that 40% of Americans will run out of money in retirement. How is that possible when there’s a Great Wealth Transfer of $68 TRILLION in the next 25 years? 

In the world of “money” everyone has their own opinion. 

Mine? The middle and lower class are financially literate on surviving, not thriving. That’s why my motto, Securing the Financial Futures of Educators and Entrepreneurs, is not just a catchy tagline, it’s what I love to do. I empower individuals to understand how their money works (or can work) in order for them to feel secure about their future.

The last two years, I’ve been sitting side-by-side with teachers educating about their pension and setting up their retirement funds. The experience has been eye-opening. 

I’d say a majority of them (no fault of their own!) have no idea about how any of it works. They’ve been told it’s a noble career path with a safe future. Little do they know, the majority of pension systems are underfunded, some states (like California teachers) don’t pay into social security so even that’s off the table, and newer teachers have to work 35+ years in order to make a decent check from their pension (remember that fact about pensions?).

If you’re someone who holds a degree in something that is far away from what you actually do now, you probably feel a similar sting. You were told, “Get a degree! You’ll have endless opportunities when you graduate!”

 I’ve been there. There wasn’t. That’s a discussion for another day though. 

With pension systems across America needing to make changes and social security in the same boat, it’s safe to say our educators have been lied to. Shocker…our middle class got lied to.

To make up for this retirement crisis, laws are changing for small businesses and their employee benefits. Check out this map of which states are mandating retirement plans and what they means for your business or the businesses you support.

You can see I don’t just help educators. Covid and this retirement crisis has brought a unique opportunity for our agency to expand and help small business owners. I now get to help businesses receive relief funding (personally I’ve helped get businesses over $500,000 back into their business), then gained further ability to help with other tax credits and services that lower employers upfront costs so they can invest more in their business or employees. 

I’m just scratching the surface on how I can help small businesses, however, every new business owner I meet, I realize more and more how underserved they are with resources. 

If you have questions about retirement or small business finances, I would love to talk with you. My partner and I just launched a podcast to give you the tools to grow your business from scratch. Naturally, we discuss retirement as well.

My wish for you is that you enjoy what the World has to offer. You were not made to work miserably your whole life. Join me on the journey towards financial freedom!



Thank you for sharing this. This is a worldwide problem that must be remedied. Life should not be this grueling existence that ends without enough resources to retire or enjoy any activities. I see elderly people renting out their spare rooms and working as cashiers, which is fantastic if that is their choice. But to spend your life working in a job you don’t even like, sacrificing holidays and fun just to make sure you can live, and then being broke in retirement—that isn’t right.

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Avoiding the topic of money is common for many people. If you haven’t been planning for retirement, avoidance can feel safe, but it is ultimately an ineffective strategy. Your client definitely deserves a holiday. I think we all need to help each other achieve our financial and life goals. I look forward to hearing more from you, Allie.


Allie, thanks so much for sharing. Super happy you're sharing your expertise, as I we can all learn so much from it!!

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I'm excited to be here! Thank you Jen❤️


Super interesting. I've been thinking deeply about this. Going to dig more into this.

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What have been your thought on this? I'm curious to what you look into as well. Let me know if you have questions or would like to discuss further!


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