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The Feeling of Beauty

What makes you feel beautiful? 

Beauty. What is it? Who defines it? Google defines beauty as a “combination of qualities, such as shape, color or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” 

The sight. Especially the sight. Hmm…

I see beauty in nature, in people, in art, in fashion, everywhere. We all see beauty. But how often do we feel it? 

Growing up and as an adult, I was told I was beautiful from time to time. Certain people saw me and saw beauty, but I felt the opposite. For a REALLY long time, I dealt with self-hatred. I hated the way I talked, the way I walked, and just my being in general. I dressed up and looked nice when I wanted to and even agreed that at times I looked beautiful, but I never actually felt beautiful.  It is a major head trip when someone tells you that you are beautiful and all you feel is disgust. 

I had a lot of work to do to change my mindset. I went to therapy and did a lot of self-healing. I’m still doing self-healing practices. Once I did a certain amount of work, I began to FEEL beautiful. Once I tapped into who I truly was, when I looked in the mirror, I began to both SEE and FEEL the beauty the Divine created in me. It is a beautiful feeling. 

Now, I feel beautiful when I practice self-care.

I feel beautiful when I meditate.

I feel beautiful when I put myself first. 

I feel beautiful when I wear my favorite shade of lipstick.

I feel beautiful when my daughter thanks me for something I do for her.

I feel beautiful when I say ‘no’ to something that no longer serves me.

The list goes on…  

When you get rid of all the negative self-talk and do the work you need to do, there are so many things that will start making you FEEL beautiful. 

You ARE beautiful. Now it’s time to FEEL the beauty within. It’s a magical place…  




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