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The Face We Show the World - Are They Too Often Disguises?

The face we show the world can often be one that aligns with societal norms and expectations. The kind of face to which a mother-in-law might warm. This persona often accompanies awkward smiles and enthusiastic head nods.

It is not a lie; an opportunity to avoid being truthful. Rather... it's a temporary disguise, shielding our hearts and providing us refuge within a secure space.

This facade offers, an intermission... a face to hide behind... while you try to politely respond to the barrage of questions: Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? These inquiries, that are delivered via rapid-fire, are attempts to decipher our core... all within, what feels like, an invasive... thirty second brief.

Sometimes, it's a matter of cultural differences at play. America, a fiercely competitive land, can leave immigrants like me feeling isolated. I'm the kind of person who requires moments of solitude and opportunities to unveil the many facets of my being.

Some may label me as mysterious, but I consider myself cautious and naturally inclined to keen observation.

As we venture into the world donned in our protective capes and masks, perhaps we should consider taking more time to observe. Look for signs that someone might be feeling cornered or struggling to be heard. Maybe, just maybe, offer them a moment to catch their breath.



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