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Shifting Shadows

In the depths where shadows linger long,

A heavy heart sang a melancholy song.

A soul adrift in the dark of night,

Longing for the stars, for the sliver of light.

With every breath, a burden to bear,

The weight of sadness, a constant affair.

Invisible chains, a mind confined,

Lost in the depths, a soul declined.

A world awash in shades of grey,

No hues of hope to light the way.

Amidst the crowd, a silent scream,

Lost in the echo of a shattered dream.

But within the void, a flicker, so small,

A light that pierced through the soul's dark hall.

A gentle whisper, a hand outstretched,

A moment of solace, a heart refreshed.

Through cracks of pain, the light found space,

Guiding steps towards a better place.

With every tear shed, a burden eased,

As wounds healed, and worries ceased.

The storm within began to clear,

Whispers of hope drew ever near.

A heart, once heavy, began to lift,

With rays of joy, a soul adrift.

In life's complex, ever-changing flow,

The seeds of joy began to sow.

Even through the darkest of night,

A glint of hope, a guiding light.

Rising from shadows, a dawn ignites,

A soul finds solace in the darkest nights.

Embracing courage, a spirit ascends,

A tale of strength as the darkness ends.

So to all who feel the dark’s embrace,

Know there's a path to a brighter place.

In the heart's eclipse, there’s room for the light,

A tale of resilience, a soul taking flight.


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