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RFK Jr. on the Campaign Trail

Oakland, CA March 26, 2024


At the beginning of his speech, his raspy voice was challenging to listen to, but then this message became loud and clear. 


Freedom of speech, combat chronic disease, end the endless wars, a sensible border policy, and solutions to the housing crisis. These words hit home for me as an independent voter, exhausted by the inflammatory politics coming from the two major political parties. 


Finally, a candidate talking about the issues that affect all Americans. A stark contrast from the divisive rhetoric that has harmed healthy discourse in our country.


And on this day, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. chose his Vice-Presidential running mate, Nicole Shanahan, a 38-year-old Chinese American tech billionaire. In her own words, “I came here as a woman not quite 40, as someone who has experienced sickness and health, poverty and wealth... and as a mother.”


Nicole Shanahan grew up in Oakland California. Raised by a Chinese immigrant mother and an Irish father. She grew up poor with the family utilizing the welfare safety nets to survive stating “I don’t think we would have made it without food stamps.”  


In her high school years, she spent several months in Central America experiencing first-hand what poverty and civil unrest looks like.


Later in life, she gained success as a patent attorney and was married to the co-founder of Google. In 2013, Shanahan founded ClearAccessIP (now known as IPwe), a tech law firm that uses AI to analyze and manage patent portfolios for clients.


Shanahan left the company in 2020 to pursue philanthropy, founding the Bia-Echo Foundation, a private foundation, which invests in “reproductive longevity & equality, criminal justice reform and a healthy & livable planet.”


As a billionaire mother, her one-year-old daughter developed autism in 2018. A condition that afflicts 1 in 36 American children (CDC-ASD-2022).  Searching for answers, Nicole found RFK Jr. who has become a leading advocate for vaccine safety and champion of finding the causes of chronic disease.


Kennedy’s platform:


He is a staunch supporter of the First Amendment. He believes that all speech should be protected, and the solution to dangerous speech is more speech.  He preaches that we should question everything and “...trusting the experts” is only good for religious organizations and totalitarian regimes.

Kennedy believes that chronic disease is crippling our nation both physically, mentally, and financially. He understands that a healthy citizen is the first step in healing our country.

He proclaims we spend more on treating diabetes and obesity than the entire defense budget alone (over 1 trillion dollars). As President, he will direct the NIH to investigate this crisis and root out the cause of this epidemic. He will end corporate capture of the FDA and rein in the pharmaceutical companies, which produce medicines that are making us less healthy.

Kennedy says he will negotiate peace with Russia and end the war in Ukraine. He is convinced that Vladimir Putin is reacting to US foreign policy that pushed NATO eastward, threatening their national security. “What would the US government do if Russia installed missile systems in Mexico? We would invade immediately,” he said.

He is convinced that spending trillions of dollars on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine have made us unsafe and less respected around the world. He poses the question: “What would our nation look like if we spent that money on education and infrastructure?”

As President, he will use his executive powers to immediately close the border. He thinks that the border should not be controlled by the cartels but with a humane approach. “We need high fences and wide gates to manage our border policy.”


He is adamant about supporting the younger generation.

Recent polls have shown 18% of potential voters 18 to 35 have lost faith in our country. He sees fixing the affordable housing crisis will be the first step in helping young Americans participate in the American dream. He proposes to give 3% mortgages to first-time home buyers – financed by a “housing treasury bill”. And he proposes regulations to block hedge funds from buying residential units which will reduce the retail price of housing.


With his famous political name, her AI background, and deep pockets, and with many Americans disgruntled over politics as usual, the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket may have a chance to make history in November.  


That being said, they face an insurmountable feat with getting on the ballot of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. And the DNC has announced they will spend considerable resources to suppress third-party candidates.


I hope this article has given you insights on RFK Jr. and Nicole Shanahan.

You’re comments are welcome.


More to come!



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