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Reflections After Week One: My Journey with Life Coach Sue Bowles

I'm writing to share an update after the first week of my life coaching journey with Sue Bowles, a master-certified life and mental health coach whose guidance promises to help me navigate through my personal and professional life more effectively. This article reflects on the period following our initial session, offering insights into the practical steps we've taken and the transformative potential of focused, empathetic coaching.

Understanding the Need for Change

Life is a perpetual learning process, especially when navigating personal and professional demands simultaneously. As someone deeply involved in nurturing a startup, being a partner, and a mom to four fur babies, I've found myself struggling with time management and energy levels.

Despite the joy and fulfillment these roles bring, the challenge of juggling them effectively led to a significant imbalance in my life—staying up late, struggling to wake up early, and feeling like the days were slipping through my fingers.

This unsustainable cycle prompted me to seek guidance, leading me to Sue Bowles.

I was introduced to Sue through her powerful appearance in The Authentic Rebel Speaker Series. Sue's journey from a place of self-doubt to becoming a guiding light for others is not only inspiring but deeply relatable. Her philosophy that “you only have to be a step ahead to help the person behind you” resonated with me at a crucial time in my life.

The First Steps of Transformation

Our initial session was a revelation. Sue’s approach to coaching is grounded in empathy and pragmatism. We began by identifying the core issues—my resistance to a structured schedule and the resultant burnout from "burning the candle at both ends."

Sue helped me articulate these challenges, not just as logistical problems, but as barriers to my personal and professional fulfillment.

Her methodology is straightforward yet impactful:

  1. Discussing Limitations: We explored the factors limiting my potential, including my late-night habits that left me drained for the next day.

  2. Identifying the Issue to Overcome: Together, we pinpointed the critical issue—my sleep schedule, which is the linchpin for my daily energy and productivity.

  3. Creating a Single Step Towards Lasting Change: We set a singular, achievable goal for the coming week: getting to bed earlier to restructure my life around this new routine.

The Power of One Small Change

The beauty of Sue’s method lies in its simplicity. Instead of overwhelming myself with multiple goals, we focused on one transformative change: adjusting my bedtime. This small step was designed not just as a quick fix, but as a foundational change that would enhance my overall quality of life.

The results, though in their early stages, have been promising. I've noticed an improvement in my energy levels and a better grasp on my daily schedule. However, the journey is not without its challenges. The temptation to revert to old habits is strong, especially when the quiet of late nights used to be my sanctuary for thought and planning.

Shifting Rhythms, Gaining Insights

The transition from being a night owl to embracing the calm of early mornings is ongoing. I'm learning to appreciate the serene clarity that the early hours bring, much like the late nights used to, but with the added benefit of a full day ahead of me. This shift is crucial not just for my productivity but for my mental health and personal relationships.

Looking Ahead

The road ahead with Sue is one I look forward to with optimism. Our future sessions will build on this foundational change, exploring other areas where strategic adjustments can lead to significant benefits. Sue’s coaching is not just about addressing the immediate issues, but about instilling a mindset geared towards continuous self-improvement.

As I continue working on my goal of improving my sleep schedule, I eagerly anticipate my next session with Sue next week. This first step is just the beginning, and I am committed to building upon it to foster lasting change.

Last words

My experience with Sue Bowles has been more than just educational; it is already showing signs of being transformational.

It serves as a powerful reminder that sometimes, the smallest step can lead to the most significant change. As I continue on this journey, I am eager to discover how much more I can evolve, not just as a businesswoman and a partner but as an individual committed to living her best life.

This personal narrative is just the beginning. I hope it inspires others to take that first step towards change, understanding that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a strategy for empowerment and growth. With Sue’s guidance, I am not just dreaming about a better future; I am actively building it, one step at a time.

Havent heard Sue's The Authentic Rebel Speaker Series speech? Listen here, it's so very powerful!



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