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Poem: Possibility

In the realm where moonbeams sigh, And whispers of stars paint the sky, Lies a kaleidoscope of wondrous scenes, Where possibility reigns, in realms unseen.

Within the dance of fireflies' light, A symphony of dreams takes flight, Where whispers of the wind softly decree, The endless wonders that could be.

In the secret corners of the mind's maze, Where reality and fantasy interlace, Lies the canvas where dreams unfurl, In colors vibrant, a whirlwind swirl.

Through the looking glass of chance we peer, Where the mundane meets the surreal and dear, In this enchanting realm, we hold the key, To unlock the door to boundless possibility.

So let us wander through this mystic land, With hearts wide open, and dreams in hand, For in the tapestry of life, we'll see, The masterpiece woven by possibility.

By Jen



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