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Poem: My Friend Peter

I wrote the following poem about one of my very best friends. We lost him to cancer this past winter—and as he was nearing the end of his battle, I wrote this poem for him. His wife read it to him, and I'm hoping he heard every word: It has been over a year since I have seen my friend Peter. It doesn’t feel that long, because true friends become a part of each other’s hearts… never truly separated by space or time. My friend Peter is calming… just being in his presence allows you to breathe a little easier. My friend Peter doesn’t want to wear his heart on his sleeve. He has learned to project this strong and tough exterior to the world…something hardship teaches us to do. Although, something my friend Peter doesn’t know, is that his eyes twinkle. The kind of twinkle that causes a smile, chain-like reaction. Drawing you in and reminding you of how beautiful and impactful just one moment in life can be. My friend Peter loves whole-heartedly. He won’t trade you in. He’ll listen intently to your stories…even if they are accidentally on repeat, like a track that keeps skipping over and over. My friend Peter values his friendships. He has old-fashioned values. He loves to talk politics, but only when someone else starts it first. Watch out Republicans…you are all on Peter’s naughty list. Quite frankly…where you belong. My friend Peter may never truly know how much he means to me. Talking about my feelings, is as difficult as speaking a foreign language. So here I am, writing how I feel. If you can hear me Peter - Thank you for being my friend. You are always with me in my memories and in my heart.

Love Always, Heidi



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