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Paths Unpaved

In the journey's tale, a chapter untold,

Of a soul that sought paths yet to unfold.

Not all routes journey through the school's door,

Some diverge, seeking something more.

Chose to leave halls where knowledge abounds,

In search of truths beyond academic bounds.

Yet, the world's eyes, they cast their frown,

Unsure of choices that go unwound.

Dropped out, a label that weighs so heavy,

Injudicious whispers, judgments unsteady.

But life's vast classroom, it holds a key,

Lessons unique, the eyes can't see.

Experience became the tutor, true and bold,

Lessons from streets, stories untold.

Wisdom, not found in scholarly lore,

Sprouted in streets, life's grandeur to explore.

So, hold no scorn for the path less known,

For a soul's journey is uniquely sown.

Dropped out, perhaps, from the school's embrace,

But in life’s classroom, found a different grace.


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