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Patched Hearts Farm Sanctuary: Where Every Heart Finds Healing

Scrolling through social media, one of the things that captures my attention and fills my heart with hope is animal sanctuaries. They embody genuine love and kindness for our furry friends who share the planet with us. While I can envision myself running a sanctuary someday, my current life is occupied by four dogs, two cats, and two guinea pigs – a joyful chaos I wouldn't trade.

What initially drew me to Patched Hearts was an adorable pig named Paddington, with a row of jagged bottom teeth and a smile that tugged at my heart. The caption, "Watching this little tail wag while I worked was priceless. Love you, big guy," spoke volumes.

Courtney Watson, a licensed veterinary nurse and stay-at-home mom, is the driving force behind this nonprofit, caring for, as Courtney put it, as many wayward critters as possible. It's a selfless endeavor that reflects a deep love for animals.

Patching Hearts Sanctuary, created by Courtney, exemplifies a remarkable purpose – to care for and treat magnificent creatures in need. Those who dedicate their lives to animal care are the voice for the voiceless, embodying a commitment to goodness and kindness. Caring for my animals is both challenging and fulfilling, but it pales in comparison to the incredible work sanctuaries like Patched Hearts undertake.

Animals are the epitome of kindness and I consider myself fortunate to share this planet with them.

Witnessing individuals start sanctuaries, as Courtney did, strengthens my belief that our purpose on this planet is to care for and love others. Despite my flaws as a human, the most profound lessons I've learned come from animals. They love unconditionally and endure life's challenges with a superhero-like resilience.

Animal sanctuaries face challenges that I can only imagine and learning about their struggles emphasizes their incredible dedication. Donating to these sanctuaries not only provides a glimpse into the lives of extraordinary people and animals but also connects us to our core purpose – to love and give.

Animals teach us valuable lessons, and I feel privileged to breathe the same air as these evolved and kind beings. I am grateful for the lessons animals impart, even when cleaning up daily messes feels overwhelming.

Learning about the struggles of sanctuaries like Patched Hearts makes me appreciate their incredible work more than words can express. Courtney even took the time to thank me for sharing her pig's story on Instagram – a testament to her genuine dedication.

In this Instagram post, Courtney explains some of the many challenges she faces:

People like Courtney are doing the essential work that we should all be part of. If we can't contribute in person, donating becomes crucial. We are stewards of this planet, and every contribution matters. I encourage more people to support smaller sanctuaries like Patched Hearts, as they genuinely need our help.



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