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Nearing the Flirty Forties: Embracing the Journey at 39

As I approach the doorstep of my fortieth year, the prospect of the flirty forties looms before me like an inviting yet mysterious path. At 39, I find myself in a unique space, not quite at the heart of the flirty forties, but standing at its entrance.

It's a place where anticipation blends with reflection and where the days leading up to this milestone are filled with both nostalgia and excitement.

I distinctly recall observing my parents as they entered their forties and back then, it felt as though they hailed from an entirely different planet. I mean, they seemed as ancient as the hills. Through a child's lens, everything they did and wore was peculiar and cringe-worthy.

My dad owned this badass muscle car, a V12 beast. It was a car that I'd stealthily avoid, particularly when my mother pulled up in it. Yes, my mother also drove it... and as a child, I couldn't help but shudder at the thought.

Growing up in Brisbane, Australia, during my childhood, blending in was the name of the game. Authenticity and individuality weren't exactly embraced... instead, they seemed to paint a big target on your back.

It was often easier to conform, to dim your unique light. Deep down, I knew it wasn't the right path to take, but at times, it felt like the safest way to avoid drawing any unnecessary attention to myself.

With each passing year, I feel...more comfortable in my skin. More aligned with my true authentic self.

The journey to 39 has been a collection of experiences, dreams pursued and lessons absorbed. A rather eventful journey, a life that could certainly pique some interest. It's a journey that has taught me the value of time, the beauty of resilience and the joy of embracing the present moment.

Yet, as I stand on the edge of this new chapter, I can't help but ponder the undeniable truth... turning forty is just around the corner.

In my late thirties, there's a certain sense of urgency that gently nudges me to evaluate where I've been and where I'm heading. Have I accomplished the goals I set for myself in my twenties? Have I nurtured the relationships that truly matter? Have I honored the dreams and aspirations that have simmered within me?

At 39, I don't feel older than the hills, but I'm certainly not oblivious to the relentless march of time. I'm aware that the flirty forties come with their own set of adventures, challenges and revelations.

It's a decade that promises further self-discovery, the nurturing of existing passions and the exploration of new ones.

As I get closer to my fortieth year, I am committed to living life with intention and purpose. I want to celebrate the experiences and moments that have shaped me, while also embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

My forties may be around the corner, but for now, I'm savoring the anticipation and making the most of my time at 39.

This journey, filled with its unique blend of anticipation and reflection, is a reminder that life is a beautiful voyage, filled with joy, challenges and growth. Each age and stage, including the entrance to turning forty, offers its own lessons and gifts.

And as I stand at the threshold of my flirty forties, I do so with open arms, ready to welcome the adventures that await and eager to continue writing the story of my life.



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