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Living On The Wild Side: Navigating The Chaos Of Having A Messy Partner

Ah, love – the force that brings us together, makes our hearts flutter, and, apparently, leads us to share our living space with the human embodiment of organized chaos.

Obviously a messy partner doesn't share your sentiment - that cleanliness is next to godliness. However...having a partner whose version of cleanliness is more like an art installation, is...well...maybe something you wish they had included on their online dating profile.

Goodbye spotless sanctuary...hello clutter, chaos, confusion and of course...L...O...V...E - love!!!!

With a messy partner each day is "Finders, Keepers," where you embark on a scavenger hunt for the essentials. Your partner's unique organizational system has transformed your home into a labyrinth where everyday items take on the role of hidden treasures.

Who needs meal prepping, when every day can be rationing day. So high demand items, such as oat milk, are not to be restocked when they are going, going...oh, sorry...already gone...

You know you have become too optimistic ( or toxically positive ) in your relationship, when you ask your messy partner the question -"Is this the last drop of oat milk dear?" I mean...hello!...rationing!... no extras people... no extras!!

Your partner's knack for leaving the bathroom stocked with a nearly depleted roll is a victory for all the trees, which I commend. However, I don't feel, post pandemic, that many people want to have to resourcefully extract the last square. Maybe two's company, but let's try to make it at least a crowd...with three.

Messy Land can be quite an inspirational place, where...clean, dirty and half-worn clothes exist in harmony; Refrigerators don't discriminate based off of age or appearance...making room for both the barely living and meals long past.

With a little sniff here and a careful breastroke style hand maneuver there and you may eventually find some item that will provide you with sustenance. Brilliant!!

Maybe you have lost your appetite by then...but at least you had to work hard and somewhat hunt for your food. Just like your ancestors had to. Very cool.

Living with a partner whose approach to cleanliness is more avant-garde than meticulous is like embracing a unique form of creative expression. Amidst the disorder and delightful chaos, you'll uncover moments of shared laughter, surprising discoveries, and a connection forged through navigating life's quirks together. While cleanliness may have its virtues, the unpredictable voyage through messy lands and toilet paper quests is an adventure worth cherishing.



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