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Kennedy Accuses Facebook of Censorship

The Kennedy campaign is raising alarms over what it perceives as a breach of free speech by Facebook, involving the suppression of a short documentary about RFK Jr., narrated by Woody Harrelson. This incident has triggered concerns about the boundaries of free expression and its implications for the integrity of elections.

Facebook users who have tried to post or view the documentary are encountering various error messages, which the campaign lists as: "Looks like spam," "Violates community standards," "Might be malicious," and "File failed to upload." The campaign argues that the variety and nature of these messages suggest a pattern of deliberate interference in the presidential election process.

In response, the Kennedy campaign has outlined several steps for supporters to help combat this perceived censorship:

  1. Watch and Share the Video: Supporters are encouraged to watch the documentary on the website "Who Is Bobby Kennedy?" and share the link directly on Facebook to increase visibility.

  2. Document Any Censorship: If Facebook blocks the shared post, users are asked to take a screenshot of the block notice as proof of the censorship.

  3. Expose Their Actions: The campaign urges supporters to share their screenshots on Twitter using the hashtags #BobbyBan and #Kennedy24. They can also send these screenshots to, where the campaign will collect and repost them to highlight the issue publicly.

These steps are part of a broader effort by the Kennedy campaign to safeguard free speech and ensure that electoral voices are not silenced. By documenting and sharing these acts of censorship, supporters play a crucial role in challenging the constraints placed on free expression, thereby contributing to the preservation of democratic integrity.

For further details, visit This initiative reflects the campaign's dedication to ensuring that all voices are heard as the election approaches, highlighting the importance of active participation in defending free speech rights.



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