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Jenny Harkleroad: Transforming Lives Through the Power of the Mind

On an ordinary day that turned both horrifying and extraordinary, Jenny Harkleroad faced a life-defining moment atop a San Diego mountain cliff. After a devastating jump that broke her back, Jenny was confronted with a stark choice: be defined by her physical limitations or redefine the possible through the power of her mind. Choosing the latter, she embarked on a profound journey into the depths of the subconscious, unlocking capabilities that not only healed her but also propelled her to help others transform their lives.

Her profound experiences led to the creation of Balanced You™, LEAP Transformation® and Summit Transformation®, programs that leverage the science of neuroplasticity and subconscious reprogramming to enable personal transformation from the inside out.

Transforming Theories into Practical Tools

Jenny’s approach to personal change is deeply practical, designed for real people facing real challenges—whether it’s stress at the workplace, friction in personal relationships, or personal health battles. Understanding the uniqueness of each struggle, Jenny crafted various platforms to disseminate her transformative methods. Her high-tech wellness portal is a treasure trove of brain training that users can access anytime to solve problems and achieve their goals.

This accessibility will expand further with the launch of the Leap Transformation® app on June 3. This new app, which we will be testing over the next few weeks and writing about it, will make Jenny’s transformation techniques as easy to access as your smartphone, ensuring that meaningful personal change can fit into the palm of your hand and integrate seamlessly into everyday life.

Her insights are also distilled into her newly released # 1 best-selling book, "Your Amazing Itty Bitty™ Magic Mind Book: 15 Secrets to Wellness and Success Using the Science of Your Mind," available on Amazon for just $2.99. This guide breaks down her philosophy into actionable steps, offering readers practical exercises to reshape their mindsets and, by extension, their lives.

Daily Steps to a Transformed Life

How can you start using Jenny’s techniques today? Here’s how to integrate her transformative approach into your daily life:

  1. Listen to the stories you are telling yourself. Do you like them? If not, change the story. Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your actions and your actions create your reality.

  2. Think about what you really want in your life. Without limits what do you want to create? What do you want your reality to be like?

  3. Do brain exercises as outlined in her book to train your brain to create your new reality, repatterning the brain and changing the subconscious programming.

  4. What action can you take to get to your goals? Start moving in the direction of your dreams.

Embrace the Power Within

Jenny Harkleroad’s work teaches us that the untapped power to change our lives lies within our minds. Her message is both simple and revolutionary: by changing our mind, we can change our life. This isn’t merely about wishful thinking, but about taking actionable steps towards a new reality.

With the tools Jenny provides—whether through her book, her wellness portal, her certification courses, her keynote talks, or the upcoming app—we all have everything we need to start this transformative journey. Every small step you take is a step away from past limitations and toward a future brimming with possibilities. This is not just a path to a better life but a journey to a new you.

As June 3 approaches, mark your calendars for the release of the LEAP Transformation® app, and prepare to access transformation in the tap of an app, bringing Jenny's groundbreaking techniques directly to your daily routine.

You can also expect a review by The Authentic Rebel team detailing our experience, so stay tuned!

Remember, change is not just possible; it's within your reach. We're so very thankful for Jenny to help us all remember this fact.



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