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Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary: Nurturing Lives, Advocating Change

Established in 2023 by a compassionate couple, Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary, originally rooted in North Carolina, is on the verge of a move to the picturesque mountains of Kentucky within the next week. This sanctuary continues to be a haven for voiceless beings.

Although officially finding its home in 2023, the couple's journey of rescuing animals dates back to 2012. This imminent relocation not only signifies a change in scenery but also underscores a continued commitment to providing solace and renewal to animals facing neglect, abuse, or abandonment in the serene mountains of Kentucky.

Each resident at Figgy Farm receives meticulous care, fostering an environment where they can express their natural behaviors, build bonds and experience a life free from harm. Operating with a resolute no-exploitation policy, the sanctuary strives to create a space that embodies the essence of sanctuary living.

In a distinctive fusion of advocacy and community involvement, Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary promotes its mission under the banner "Figs Not Pigs," symbolizing a commitment to a vegan lifestyle and inviting the community to actively contribute to the well-being of these animals.

Beyond the fences of Figgy Farm, Scarlett and her husband, Malcolm, actively engage the community through educational programs, guided tours and collaborations with local organizations and schools. Through these initiatives, Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary seeks to promote awareness about ethical treatment of animals, sustainable living practices and the significance of forging compassionate connections with all living beings.

With a commitment to fostering awareness, empathy, and collective action, Figgy Farm Animal Sanctuary stands as a beacon of hope and positive change. Whether through educational programs, guided tours, or the "Figs Not Pigs" campaign, Figgy Farm invites the community to join Malcolm, Scarlett and the entire Figgy Farm family in their mission, contributing to the creation of a more compassionate and sustainable world in the soon-to-be tranquil mountains of Kentucky.



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