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The Emotional Meaning of Health Problems — According to "The List" by Louise Hay

Louise Hay, a renowned self-help author and motivational speaker, was a pioneer in the field of metaphysical healing and personal development. Her groundbreaking work, particularly her "Metaphysical Health List," transcends conventional medicine by delving deep into the intricate relationship between emotional well-being and physical health. Louise Hay firmly believed that our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs play a fundamental role in shaping our overall health and vitality.

Born in 1926, Louise Hay overcame numerous challenges in her life, including a traumatic childhood, abusive relationships, and a cancer diagnosis in her early 50s. It was during her personal journey of healing and self-discovery that she began to explore the profound connection between emotional states and physical ailments. Her experiences led her to develop a unique philosophy that revolves around the power of affirmations, positive thinking, and self-love as the keys to holistic well-being.

At the heart of Louise Hay's teachings is the belief that unresolved emotional issues and negative thought patterns can manifest as physical illnesses and conditions. To help individuals better understand this connection, she compiled an extensive "Metaphysical Health List." This list associates specific physical ailments with the emotional or mental factors that may contribute to their development. In the pages that follow, we will explore Louise Hay's Metaphysical Health List in detail, shedding light on the profound wisdom she shared with the world. By delving into the intricate tapestry of emotions and their impact on our health, we can gain valuable insights into how to achieve and maintain a state of balance, well-being, and vitality.

The following is a version of the list that we've compiled for you to benefit from:

(Disclaimer: The given interpretations of ailments and their psychological connections are symbolic and should not be used as medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional for medical concerns).


Abdominal Cramps: These can indicate fear and a tendency to stop or avoid certain processes.

Abscess: It may suggest festering thoughts related to hurts, slights, or a desire for revenge.

Accidents: An inability to speak up for oneself, rebellion against authority, and a belief in violence might lead to accidents.

Aches: Longing for love and the desire to be held.

Acne: This could reflect a lack of self-acceptance and self-dislike.

Addictions: Addictions might be a way of running away from the self due to fear and not knowing how to love oneself.

Adrenal Problems: Adrenal issues can be associated with feelings of defeatism, a lack of self-care, and anxiety.

Alcoholism: Feelings of futility, guilt, inadequacy, and self-rejection can contribute to alcoholism.

Allergies: Allergies may result from denying one's own power.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Refusal to accept the world as it is, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, and unresolved anger can be linked to Alzheimer's.

Amenorrhea: It might suggest a reluctance to embrace one's femininity and self-dislike.

Anemia: An "yes-but" attitude, lack of joy, and a fear of life can contribute to anemia. It may also stem from not feeling good enough.

Ankle Issues: Inflexibility and guilt are associated with ankle problems, and they may reflect difficulties in receiving pleasure.

Anorexia: Anorexia can be a result of self-denial, extreme fear, self-hatred, and rejection.

Anxiety: Anxiety may occur when one doesn't trust the flow and process of life.

Apathy: Apathy can result from resistance to feeling, a sense of emotional deadness, and fear.

Excessive Appetite: Fear, a need for protection, and judgment of emotions might lead to excessive appetite.

Arm Problems: Arms represent the capacity and ability to hold life experiences.

Arterial Issues: Arteries carry the joy of life within them.

Arthritic Fingers: A desire to punish, blame, and a feeling of being victimized can lead to arthritic fingers.

Arthritis: Arthritis can result from feeling unloved, criticism, resentment, and deep bitterness. Rheumatoid arthritis can stem from feeling victimized, a lack of love, chronic bitterness, resentment, and criticism of authority.

Asthma: Smothered love, inability to breathe for oneself, and feeling stifled can lead to asthma.

Athlete’s Foot: Frustration at not being accepted and difficulty in moving forward with ease may cause athlete's foot.


Back Issues: Back problems can indicate the need for support in life, and they may be linked to feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and carrying life's burdens.

Bad Breath: Bad breath can result from unresolved anger and thoughts of revenge.

Loss of Balance: Scattered thinking and a lack of centeredness may cause a loss of balance.

Baldness: Baldness may reflect fear, tension, and a desire to control everything.

Bedwetting: Fear of a parent, usually the father, can lead to bedwetting.

Belching: Fear and gulping life too quickly might result in belching.

Bell’s Palsy: Extreme control over anger and an unwillingness to express feelings can be associated with Bell's Palsy.

Bladder Problems: Anxiety, holding on to old ideas, and a fear of letting go can contribute to bladder problems.

Bleeding: Joy running out and unresolved anger can lead to bleeding issues.

Blisters: Resistance and a lack of emotional protection may cause blisters.

Blood Pressure: High blood pressure can indicate longstanding emotional problems left unresolved, while low blood pressure may reflect a lack of love as a child and defeatism.

Body Odor: Fear, self-dislike, and fear of others can result in body odor.

Bones: Bones represent the structure of the universe. Bone marrow reflects deep beliefs about the self, support, and self-care. Bone breaks may indicate rebellion against authority.

Brain: The brain serves as a computer and switchboard. Brain tumors can result from incorrect beliefs and stubbornness.

Breast Issues: Breasts represent mothering, nurturing, and nourishment. Cysts and lumps in the breasts may indicate a refusal to nourish oneself, overmothering, overprotection, and overbearing attitudes.

Breathing Problems: Breathing issues can stem from fear, mistrust of the life process, feeling stuck in childhood, and a fear of fully embracing life.

Bronchitis: An inflamed family environment and frequent arguments can lead to bronchitis.

Bruises: Bruises represent the small bumps in life and can be associated with self-punishment.

Bulimia: Bulimia may result from feelings of hopeless terror, frantic self-hatred, and a desire to purge self-hatred.

Burns: Burns may occur due to anger and feeling incensed.

Bursitis: Repressed anger and a desire to hit someone may lead to bursitis.


Calluses: Calluses can indicate hardened concepts and ideas resulting from fear.

Cancer: Deep hurt, longstanding resentment, and unresolved grief can lead to cancer. It can also stem from carrying hatred.

Candida: Candida might be linked to feelings of being scattered, frustration, anger, demanding and untrusting relationships, and a tendency to be a taker.

Canker Sores: Canker sores may result from festering words left unspoken and blame.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Anger and frustration about life's perceived injustices can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Cataracts: Inability to see ahead with joy and a perception of a dark future might result in cataracts.

Cellulite: Stored anger and self-punishment can contribute to cellulite.

Cerebral Palsy: A desire to unite the family in an act of love may be related to cerebral palsy.

Chills: Mental contraction, pulling away, and a desire to retreat can cause chills.

Cholesterol: High cholesterol can indicate a blockage in the channels of joy and a fear of accepting joy. Low cholesterol might reflect a lack of love in childhood and a sense of defeatism.

Circulation Problems: Circulation issues can reflect the ability to feel and express emotions positively.

Colds: Colds may occur when there's too much going on at once, leading to mental confusion, disorder, and small hurts.

Colic: Mental irritation, impatience, and annoyance in the surroundings can cause colic.

Colitis: Insecurity and the ease of letting go of the past can be associated with colitis.

Coma: Coma can be linked to fear and a desire to escape from something or someone.

Conjunctivitis: Anger and frustration at what one is looking at.

Constipation: Constipation can be caused by incomplete emotional release, a tendency to hold onto past grievances, guilt over past actions, or even a sense of stinginess.

Corns: Corns may develop due to stubbornly holding onto painful past experiences and not allowing them to heal.

Coughs: A desire to get the world's attention or a feeling of not being heard might lead to coughing as a form of expression, like barking at the world and saying, "Listen to me!"

Cramps: Cramps can be a physical manifestation of tension, fear, and a gripping, holding-on attitude toward life.

Crohn’s Disease: Fear, worry, and not feeling good enough may contribute to Crohn's disease.

Crying: A way to express emotions and can occur in both joyful and sad situations.

Cuts: Inflicting cuts on oneself might be a form of self-punishment for not adhering to one's own rules.

Cysts: Running repetitive negative thoughts and nursing emotional wounds can result in the formation of cysts. They are essentially false growths.

Cystic Fibrosis: A belief that life won't work for you and a "poor me" attitude can be associated with cystic fibrosis.


Deafness: Deafness can symbolize rejection, stubbornness, and isolation. It may indicate an unwillingness to hear something specific.

Depression: Feelings of anger that one believes they don't have the right to express, coupled with hopelessness, can lead to depression.

Diabetes: Diabetes can be linked to a longing for what might have been, a need for excessive control, deep sorrow, and a lack of sweetness in life.

Diarrhea: Diarrhea may result from fear, rejection, and a strong desire to escape or run away from something.

Dizziness: Feelings of scattered, flighty thinking and a refusal to look deeper into certain issues can lead to dizziness.

Dry Eyes: Angry eyes, refusal to see with love, and a preference for holding onto grudges over forgiveness can result in dry eyes.

Dysmenorrhea: Dysmenorrhea can be associated with anger directed at oneself, a hatred of the body, or unresolved issues related to femininity.


Ear Issues: Ears represent the capacity to hear. Earaches may indicate anger or a resistance to hearing something specific.

Eczema: Eczema may occur as a result of breath-taking antagonism and mental eruptions of frustration.

Edema: Edema can be caused by a reluctance to let go of something or someone.

Elbow Problems: Elbows represent the ability to change direction and accept new experiences. Elbow issues can be linked to resistance and difficulties in embracing change.

Emphysema: Emphysema may result from a fear of taking in life and a belief that one is not worthy of living.

Endometriosis: Insecurity, disappointment, frustration, and a tendency to replace self-love with external comforts like sugar can be linked to endometriosis.

Epilepsy: Epilepsy can indicate a sense of persecution, a rejection of life, and a feeling of intense struggle and self-violence.

Epstein-Barr Virus: Pushing beyond one's limits, fear of not being good enough, draining internal support, and experiencing stress can contribute to Epstein-Barr virus.

Eye Issues: Eyes represent the capacity to see clearly in the past, present, and future. Various eye problems may signify different fears and concerns.


Face Issues: The face represents what we show to the world. Physical issues with the face can be related to emotional expressions or the masks we wear.

Fainting: Fainting can result from fear, an inability to cope with a situation, or feeling overwhelmed.

Fat Accumulation: The following issues can indicate oversensitivity, a need for protection, fear, hidden anger, resistance to forgiveness, insecurity, self-rejection, and the pursuit of fulfillment through external means.

  • Arm Fat: It may symbolize anger stemming from feeling denied of love.

  • Belly Fat: Representing anger related to feeling denied of nourishment.

  • Hip Fat: Reflecting accumulated anger toward one's parents.

  • Thigh Fat: Storing childhood anger, often directed at the father.

Fatigue: Fatigue may occur due to resistance, boredom, or a lack of love for one's actions or endeavors.

Feet Issues: Feet represent our understanding of ourselves, life, and others. Foot problems can be associated with a fear of moving forward in life.

Fever: Fever may manifest as a physical response to anger or feeling burned up.

Fibroid Tumors: Fibroid tumors might symbolize nursing emotional hurts from a partner or a blow to the feminine ego.

Finger Problems: Fingers represent the details of life. Different fingers can be associated with various emotions and aspects of life.

Food Poisoning: Allowing others to take control and feeling defenseless can lead to food poisoning.

Frigidity: Frigidity can result from fear, denial of pleasure, a belief that sex is bad, insensitive partners, or fear of the father.

Fungus: Fungus can develop as a result of stagnating beliefs and an unwillingness to let go of the past.


Gallstones: Bitterness, hard thoughts, condemnation, and pride can contribute to the formation of gallstones.

Gas: Gripping, fear, and undigested ideas might lead to gas-related issues.

Gastritis: Prolonged uncertainty and a sense of impending doom can result in gastritis.

Genital Problems: Can be connected to worries about not being good enough and concerns related to the masculine and feminine principles.

Gland Problems: Gland problems represent holding stations and self-restraint. They can signify self-imposed limitations and withholding oneself.

Gout: Gout may reflect a need to dominate, impatience, and anger.

Glaucoma: Stony unforgiveness and overwhelming feelings from longstanding hurts can lead to glaucoma.

Gray Hair: Gray hair can be associated with stress and the belief in pressure and strain.

Growths: Growing resentments and nursing old hurts can result in the development of physical growths.

Gum Problems: Inability to commit to decisions and indecisiveness in life can contribute to gum problems.


Hand Issues: Hands represent holding, grasping, and letting go. Problems with the hands can indicate various ways of dealing with life experiences.

Hay Fever: Emotional congestion, fear of the calendar, belief in persecution, and guilt can lead to hay fever.

Headaches: Headaches may occur due to self-invalidation, self-criticism, and fear.

Heart Issues: The heart represents the center of love and security. Different heart problems may signify a range of emotional issues.

Heart Attack: Squeezing joy out of the heart in favor of material pursuits, feeling alone and scared, and a lack of self-worth can contribute to a heart attack.

Heart Problems: Persistent emotional challenges. Absence of happiness. Emotional hardening due to stress.

Heartburn: Overwhelming anxiety and apprehension.

Hemorrhoids: Anxiety about time limits. Resentment from the past. Reluctance to release. Feeling overwhelmed.

Hepatitis: Reluctance to adapt. Dominated by fear, resentment, and animosity. The liver is associated with feelings of anger.

Hernia: Broken bonds. Feeling overwhelmed, carrying unnecessary burdens, and misdirected creativity.

Herpes Genitalis: Widely held feelings of sexual guilt and the desire for self-punishment. Experiencing public humiliation. Holding onto beliefs of a punitive higher power. Disdain for one's own sexuality.

Herpes Simplex: Harsh thoughts that remain unsaid.

Hip: Provides balance to the body. Central force in progressing. Apprehension about making significant choices. Lacking motivation.

Hives: Minor concealed anxieties. Making issues bigger than they are.

Hodgkin’s Disease: Self-blame and intense fear of inadequacy. Desperate efforts to validate oneself, to the point of depleting one's own vitality. Neglecting life's pleasures in the pursuit of approval.

Hyperactivity: Overwhelmed by anxiety. Feeling stressed and overly agitated.

Hyperventilation: Resistance to change fueled by fear and mistrust.

Hypoglycemia: Engulfed by life's responsibilities.


Impotence: Stress related to intimacy, societal perceptions, unresolved animosity towards an ex-partner, maternal fears.

Incontinence: Overwhelming emotions. A history of suppressing feelings.

Indigestion: Deep-seated dread and worry. Feeling unsettled and uncomfortable.

Infection: Frustration, resentment, and displeasure.

Inflammation: Intense apprehension. Reactive thoughts driven by anger. Frustration towards current situations.

Influenza: Reaction to widespread pessimism and collective beliefs. Anxieties and giving credence to numbers.

Ingrown Toenail: Concerns and remorse regarding one's progression.

Injuries: Self-directed anger. Feelings of self-blame.

Insanity: Distancing from familial ties. Seeking escape, distancing oneself, and intense detachment from reality.

Insomnia: Overwhelmed by anxiety, mistrust in life's flow, and feelings of remorse.

Intestines: Symbolize the processing and integration of experiences.

Itching: Yearnings that seem inappropriate. Feelings of dissatisfaction, regret, and a strong desire for change or escape.


Jaundice: Biases both internally and externally. Lack of balanced judgment.

Jaw Issues: Holding onto resentment. Feelings of grudge. Seeking retaliation.


Kidney Issues: Experiencing disapproval, dissatisfaction, and setbacks. Feelings of disgrace. Responding immaturely.

Kidney Stones: Concentrations of lingering resentment.

Knee: Symbolizes self-respect and self-worth. Unyielding due to apprehensions or pride. Reluctance to adjust or adapt.


Laryngitis: Overwhelmed by anger to the point of silence. Apprehension about vocalizing opinions. Holding grudges against those in charge.

Left Side of Body: Embodies openness, absorption, feminine characteristics, and maternal essence.

Leg: Propels us ahead in our journey.

Liver: Hub of resentment and strong emotions. Persistent negativity. Concealing true feelings under the guise of criticism.

Lockjaw: Intense anger leading to a need to dominate. Withholding one's emotions.

Lump in the Throat: Overwhelmed by anxiety, mistrust in life's flow.

Lung: Embracing life wholly. Feelings of melancholy and loss. Doubting one's worthiness to enjoy life to the fullest.

Lupus: Resignation. Preferring to give in rather than fight for oneself. Harboring resentment and seeking self-punishment.

Lymphatic Issues: An indication to refocus on life's priorities, emphasizing love and happiness.


Malaria: Misalignment with nature and existence.

Menopause Concerns: Apprehension of becoming obsolete. Anxiety over growing older. Lack of self-acceptance. Doubting one's worth.

Menstrual Issues: Denying one's womanhood. Feelings of guilt and apprehension. Viewing the reproductive system as impure or wrong.

Migraine Headaches: Aversion to being pressured. Opposing life's natural rhythm. Concerns related to intimacy.

Miscarriage: Apprehension towards what lies ahead. Ill-timed events.

Mononucleosis: Resentment for the lack of affection and acknowledgment. Disengaging from self-care.

Motion Sickness: Feelings of dread. Restriction. Sensation of confinement.

Mouth: Symbolizes the absorption of fresh perspectives and sustenance. Firm beliefs. Narrow-mindedness. Reluctance to embrace new thoughts.

Multiple Sclerosis: Mental rigidity, lack of emotional warmth, determined mindset, resistance to change.

Muscles: Hesitance towards novel experiences. Muscles epitomize our mobility and action in life.

Muscular Dystrophy: "Growing up isn't worthwhile."


Nails: Symbolize safeguarding.

Nail Biting: Agitation. Internalizing stress. Holding grudges, especially against family.

Narcolepsy: Inability to manage. Overwhelming dread. Desire for escape. Reluctance to face reality.

Nausea: Apprehension. Dismissing a thought or event.

Neck: Denotes adaptability. The capability to reflect on past actions. Reluctance to consider different viewpoints. Firmness and rigidity.

Nephritis: Excessive response to setbacks and defeats.

Nerves: Embody communication channels. Sensory messengers.

Nervous Breakdown: Ego-centric behavior. Blocking communicative pathways.

Nervousness: Feelings of dread, restlessness, conflict, and haste. Mistrust in life's journey.

Neuralgia: Self-inflicted anguish due to guilt. Distress regarding open dialogue.

Nodules: Displeasure, exasperation, and ego damage concerning professional life.

Nose: Stands for self-awareness.

Nose Bleeds: A yearning to be acknowledged. Sensation of being overlooked. A silent plea for affection.

Runny Nose: Seeking assistance. Concealed sorrow.

Stuffy Nose: Failure to see one's value.

Numbness: Denying affection and empathy. Emotional detachment.


Osteomyelitis: Frustration and resentment towards life's very foundation. Feeling unaided.

Osteoporosis: Sensation of lacking life support. Mental tension and rigidity. Inflexible muscles. Decline in mental agility.

Ovaries: Epitomize creative points. Artistic expression.


Pain: Feelings of remorse. Guilt seeking its retribution.

Paralysis: Thoughts that immobilize. Becoming stagnant. Overwhelming fear pushing for an escape.

Pancreas: Symbolizes life's sweetness.

Pancreatitis: Feelings of rejection. Upset and irritation because life's sweetness seems diminished.

Parasites: Conceding power, allowing others to dominate and exploit.

Parkinson’s Disease: Dread combined with an overwhelming urge to dominate every situation and person.

Peptic Ulcer: Apprehension. Doubting one's adequacy. Eager to appease.

Phlebitis: Resentment and irritation. Holding others accountable for personal dissatisfaction and joylessness.

Pimples: Minor flare-ups of irritation.

Pituitary Gland: Symbolizes the governing center.

Pneumonia: A sense of desperation. Exhausted by life. Emotional scars hindering healing.

Poison Ivy: Allergic reactions. Sensation of vulnerability and exposure.

Polio: Debilitating envy. A yearning to halt someone.

Premenstrual Syndrome: Permitting confusion to take over. Yielding power to external forces. Denying feminine attributes.

Prostate: Symbolizes masculine attributes. Mental apprehensions undermining masculinity. Surrender. Pressure in sexual aspects and fears of getting old.

Psoriasis: Apprehension of getting hurt. Numbing self-awareness. Denial of personal emotional accountability.


Rash: Annoyance due to postponements. Seeking attention in juvenile ways.

Right Side of Body: Emitting, releasing, masculine essence, symbolizing men and fatherhood.

Ringworm: Letting others influence your personal space. Feeling unworthy or impure.


Scabies: Corrupted thought process. Allowing others to invade personal boundaries.

Sciatica: Demonstrating duplicity. Economic fears and apprehensions about the future.

Scleroderma: Shielding oneself from life's experiences. Mistrust in self-preservation.

Scratches: Perception of life as harsh and exploitative.

Senility: Regressing to perceived safety of youth. Seeking attention and care. A method to control surroundings. Desire for escape.

Shin: Epitomizes life's standards. Disintegration of ideals.

Shingles: Awaiting impending setbacks. Overwhelmed by fear and sensitivity.

Sinus Issues: Aggravation towards a specific individual, typically a close one.

Skin: Safeguards individual identity. Distress, trepidation. Suppressed memories and feelings. Sensation of threat.

Slipped Disc: Sensation of complete lack of life's support. Indecision.

Snoring: Resolute resistance to abandon old habits.

Solar Plexus: Intuitive reactions. Core of innate intuition.

Sores: Settled, unvoiced anger.

Spleen: Fixations. Overly focused thoughts.

Sprains: Resentment and resistance. Reluctance to pursue a specific life path.

Sterility: Fear and hesitance towards life's processes or opting out of parenthood.

Stiffness: Unyielding and rigid thought processes.

Stomach: Preserves and processes nourishment. Breaks down concepts. Feeling apprehensive and fearful of unfamiliar experiences.

Stroke: Resignation. Rigidity. A preference for stagnation over change. Life's rejection.

Stuttering: Feeling insecure. Hindered self-expression. Suppressed emotions.

Sty: Perceiving life with resentment. Hostility towards someone.

Suicidal Thoughts: Perceiving life in absolutes. Unwillingness to explore alternative paths.


Teeth: Epitomize decision-making. – Teeth Concerns: Persistent indecision. Difficulty in analyzing and deciding. – Root Canal: Losing the ability to grasp firmly. Core beliefs being challenged. – Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Not affording oneself the mental freedom to establish a solid base.

Throat: Pathway for expression. A conduit for creativity. – Throat Concerns: Hindered self-voice. Suppressed irritation. Hindered creative flow. Resistance to adapt. – Sore Throat: Suppressing vexed words. Feeling voiceless.

Thrush: Resentment over misguided decisions.

Thymus Gland: Feeling besieged by life's challenges. Sensation of victimhood.

Thyroid Gland: Experiencing disgrace U

Urinary Infections: Irritated, predominantly with the opposite gender or a romantic partner. Placing blame on others.

Uterus: Symbolizes the cradle of creativity.


Vaginitis: Resentment towards a partner. Feelings of sexual guilt. Self-punishment.

Varicose Veins: Trapped in a disliked situation. Feeling defeated and overburdened.

Vitiligo: Feeling entirely alienated. A sense of not belonging or being an outsider.

Vomiting: Intense rejection of certain concepts. Apprehension of novelty.


Warts: Minor manifestations of disdain. Perception of one's own unattractiveness. –

Plantar Warts: Resentment rooted deep in one's understanding. Growing anxiety about what's to come.

Wrist: Symbolizes ease of movement.

Y and Z were not provided in the original list.

Important Note: The given interpretations of ailments and their psychological connections are symbolic and should not be used as medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional for medical concerns.



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