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Disconcerted: Authentic Rebel Community Journal Entry

Date: August 15, 2023

Location: Home

Mood: Disconcerted

Today has been one of those days that tests the boundaries of my resilience and leaves me with a heaviness that I can't seem to shake. As I sit here, I feel the need to put my thoughts to paper, to grapple with the unsettling experience that unfolded at work.

My usual bustling workplace, with its cacophony of ringing phones and the rhythm of keystrokes, transformed into a space where I felt vulnerable and exposed. It all began with seemingly harmless comments, but they quickly escalated into something deeply uncomfortable.

I find myself contending with a new reality—one where I am subjected to objectification, where my personal boundaries are violated and where I'm left feeling utterly powerless. The weight of this discomfort is suffocating and it's a discomfort that transcends gender.

What makes this situation even more complex is the societal expectation that, as a man, I should be immune to this kind of harassment. It's as if the weight of stereotypes is bearing down on me, telling me that vulnerability is not an option, that I should be impervious to emotional turmoil. But today, I've been reminded that vulnerability knows no gender.

The prospect of speaking out, of confronting my harasser or bringing this issue to HR, feels like an insurmountable obstacle. Will my concerns be taken seriously, or will they be brushed aside as insignificant? The fear of not being heard or understood adds to the burden I already carry.

This experience has made me reflect on how many others might have endured similar situations in silence, stifled by societal expectations and the fear of not being believed. It's a stark reminder that harassment doesn't discriminate—it affects us all, regardless of gender.

As I pen down my thoughts, I am determined to address this issue, not just for my sake but for the sake of others who may be suffering silently.

Breaking free from the constraints of stereotypes demands collective action—a commitment to fostering workplaces where everyone feels safe, respected and empowered to speak out.

For now, though, I bear this burden quietly, unsure of the road ahead but resolved to find my voice amidst this discomfort.



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