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Consuming vs Creating


This is just a first entry on this topic for myself so it'll be a little scatter-brained. As a writer and artist, it's only logical that I go to museums, look at art on social media, watch TV/movies, and listen to music! However; I find that it becomes all too easy to get stuck in a "consuming media" routine with work and non-work time and all of a sudden realize the last few months you've barely created anything surrounding your passions.

I believe this happens to most creators and when thinking of one of my friends experiencing this, the first thing I'd want to tell them is not to beat themselves up about it. Being too hard on yourself (already your own worst critic and all that) isn't going to make breaking old or creating new habits any easier. It also wont help you get into a better creating zone either.

Rather, I've been trying to dedicate one or two days a week when after work I dedicate some time to a creative space of mine (painting, writing, drawing, animating, etc). Sometimes friends or a partner will join me in this and sometimes I miss a week entirely. All of this is okay.

I think I notice when I've gone too long without creating and a friend's birthday, holiday, or specific party is just the right deadline and push to make me create something, anything, personal with an art focus. Keeping to your own deadlines is tough, don't be worried to lean on external deadlines if needed.

Consuming media is important but don't forget to keep the cycle going of creating as well, if that is something you enjoy doing. Good luck!



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