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Breaking Free: A Call to Challenge Exploitation and Reclaim Our Independence

For a very long time, we’ve been the government’s guinea pigs, caught in a cycle of obedience that enriches them at our cost. We’re encouraged to support industries that thrive on the anguish of animals, urged to consume dairy from distressed cows and calves because it’s been presented to us as normal.

We queue up for vaccinations on command, adhere to mandates without question, and are led to believe in a life of unending work until old age, only to be set aside when we’re no longer economically valuable.

Our worth seems tied to our ability to follow a path laid out for us: extensive education leading to a lifetime under corporate control. This system isn’t designed with our benefit in mind; rather, it aims to keep us compliant and easy to manage.

Consider the military, where joining might mean someone else can legally take your life in the context of war. It’s an extreme reflection of how we’re conditioned to accept risks and sacrifices, often for the benefit of those few at the top.

Throughout our lives, we’re funneled into systems that promise security and fulfillment but frequently lead to exploitation and disillusionment.

Why don't we question this more? Black individuals, Holocaust survivors and women have all endured horrific treatment that mirrors the exploitation animals face. Society has groomed us to focus on our differences, leading to further isolation, especially in today's digital era. This division prevents us from uniting and addressing these injustices collectively.

This separation makes it easier for figures like Trump to mobilize people into action through the internet. Exploiting our divisions for personal gain is unacceptable.

Animals are our friends, and we shouldn’t be complicit in their torture for the sake of a greedy few.

We should always go after the big players, keep protesting and keep fighting back. But not just through protest—join a group, talk to your neighbors about what you think could change in your community. This fight is about our lives, and we have the power to live them right.

Why don’t we break free from being mere pawns in a game that benefits a select few? Could we just reclaim our independence, unite against forces that seek to divide and control us? We could rethink our participation in systems that exploit us from cradle to grave, challenging the systems that demand our obedience in exchange for a promise of security.

We’re not so different from the cattle, herded and exploited for someone else’s gain. Why don’t we resist, refuse to be divided and stop consuming and living in ways that perpetuate our exploitation? We could challenge those at the top and stand up for a world where compassion, respect, and unity guide our actions, not the desires of the obscenely wealthy.

Together, we can redefine our legacy and live lives marked by our choices, not those made for us.

This concept isn’t new, but perhaps we all need a reminder that we’re not in this alone. There are people like you and I everywhere. We’re told to live crazy busy lives, which can feel incredibly isolating, but it’s crucial to ensure we still have a community—for doing important work, yes, but also for having fun.

Let’s not forget the power of coming together, of building connections that go beyond just fighting back, embracing the joy of shared experiences and the strength found in unity.



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