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Whimsical Serenity: Holly's Solitary Yuletide Rediscovery

'Twas the night before Christmas, in the town so serene,

Not a whisper of cheer, nor a festive scene.

In a small, quiet flat, a lone soul named Holly,

With only a faithful dog, no family thread to folly.

The stockings were hung with the utmost of care,

Yet Holly felt a void in the holiday air.

She sipped cocoa in warmth, though storms lingered near,

A lone soul adrift in a sea of good cheer.

A text came from a friend, a beacon so bright,

"Join us for Christmas, it'll be quite a night!"

Donning her sweater, a hopeful endeavor,

To make this year's Christmas a bit more clever.

At the party, the spirits soared high, Laughter and tinsel painted the sky.

Yet Holly, amidst families so merry,

Felt lost like a grape in a cranberry ferry.

Aunts, uncles, cousins in a familial tide,

In-laws and out-laws, a joyous uproar worldwide.

But deep inside, a quiet debate,

For Holly, in the merriment, felt a bit out of state.

Then a whisper, soft, in her thoughtful mind,

"What's Christmas about, in its essence defined?"

With a smile, Holly realized, it's not about pace,

But warmth in the heart and joy on the face.

Amid familial cheer, Holly took her stand,

Spreading love far and wide across the land.

She laughed, she danced, forgot the internal strife,

For Christmas, she knew, was the magic of life.

As midnight chimed, Holly returned to her flat,

Still lacking a knack, but no longer flat.

No despair within, only joy in her heart,

For Christmas is love, a work of fine art.

She thanked her dog, the faithful, true friend,

In solitude, Holly found a peace to transcend.

No family required, just a spirit so bright,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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