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Team Murk's Riders in Action


How Murk Optics Changed the Game for Me
(a Ski Bum) and My Snowboarding Girlfriend



As a self-confessed ski bum, I've practically lived on the slopes for the better part of my life. I've tried every piece of eyewear out there, searching for that perfect pair that wouldn't fog up mid-run or leave me squinting against the glare of the sun on snow. Then, I discovered Murk Optics, and I haven't looked back since.

A Revelation in Lens Technology

The first thing that struck me about Murk Optics was their lens technology. It felt like upgrading to high-definition vision. Suddenly, the contours of the snow were crisp and clear, allowing me to navigate the terrain with a confidence I hadn't felt before. As someone who's skied in every possible condition, I can attest to the exceptional clarity and contrast these lenses provide. They're a game-changer, especially on those cloudy days when every bump and dip in the snow can make or break your run.

Protection Meets Comfort

I've always been aware of the risks of UV radiation at high altitudes, but most UV-protective lenses I tried before either distorted my vision or just weren't comfortable. Murk Optics nailed this aspect with their 100% UV protection lenses. I can spend hours on the slopes without worrying about eye damage. And the comfort! The ergonomic design means I barely feel them on my face, and they fit so well under my helmet – no more adjusting and readjusting.

The Anti-Fog Dream

Then there's the anti-fog technology. Any skier or snowboarder knows the struggle of lenses fogging up at the worst possible moments. With Murk Optics, that's a thing of the past. I remember one particularly intense day on the slopes, pushing hard, and my Murks stayed clear the entire time. It felt almost too good to be true.

Stylish and Sustainable

Let's talk style - Murk Optics understands that looking good is part of the fun. I've had more compliments on my eyewear since I switched to Murk than ever before. Plus, their commitment to sustainability aligns with my values. It's cool to support a brand that cares about the environment as much as I do.

Converting My Snowboarding Girlfriend


The real test came when I introduced my girlfriend, a die-hard snowboarder (I have to admit I shed a few tears when I met her in a bar and she disclosed she wouldn't throw on a pair of skis... even if I paid her a million dollars... ouch!), to Murk Optics. She's even pickier than I am about her gear. Once I persuaded her to give them a try (and a bit of "I told you so"), she was instantly impressed. She loved the fit, durability, and the way they handled the glare off the snow – crucial for her daring downhill runs. And, of course, she loved the style.

Some Parting words...

Switching to Murk Optics has been a revelation... and I don't mean this lightly. As someone who spends more time on snow than on solid ground, I can't overstate how much they've enhanced my skiing experience. Seeing my girlfriend zoom past me, Murks firmly in place, with a grin on her face – that's all the proof I need that these are the best eyewear for snow sports. No pun intended, but we're both clearly on board with Murk.

A Tour of Murk Optic's Goggles


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