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Social Movements WE LOVE

At The Authentic Rebel, we are more than just a designation; we are a movement—a vibrant community dedicated to transforming our planet into a healthier, happier, and more inclusive place for all. Our commitment to this transformation is unwavering, and it involves educating, uniting people, and sparking action to support causes that can significantly alter our world for the better. Central to our mission is the conviction that we can effect substantial change by advocating for and engaging in meaningful mo. 

Join us in supporting our vetted and approved companies and non-profits for progress.

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Veganism + Animal Rights

We advocate for a vegan lifestyle as a fundamental ethical choice for animals, essential for human health, and critical for environmental sustainability. Support the transition to plant-based diets, the development of sustainable vegan agriculture, and the promotion of cruelty-free products and practices. More info here.


Combating Sexual Violence and Trafficking

We support movements aiming to end sex trafficking, protect vulnerable populations, and bring perpetrators to justice. Advocate for stronger laws and better protection for survivors.

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Mental Health Awareness and Well-being

Promote mental health awareness and advocate for accessible mental health services to address the global mental health crisis and lead to healthier communities.

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Economic Inequality and Corporate Accountability

Address economic inequality and demand corporate accountability. Support fair trade, advocate for living wages, and challenge exploitative practices of large corporations to promote economic justice.

A great sign just before you get to the beach at Hengistbury Head, Dorset, reminding peopl

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

Support initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, protecting biodiversity, and promoting sustainable agriculture and energy sources. Champion reforestation, ocean conservation, and zero-waste lifestyles to make a significant environmental impact.


Social and Racial Justice 

Advocate for systemic racism reform, police reform, LGBTQ+ rights, and gender equality. Push for policy changes, education reform, and inclusive representation in all sectors to drive progress toward equality.

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