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Authentic Rebel Speaker Series

Latoya Shauntay Snell

Latoya Shauntay Snell, highlighted by The Root as a leading African American figure between 25 to 45, is a prominent endurance athlete, body politics advocate, and motivational speaker. Her blog, Running Fat Chef,™ provides a unique perspective on her experiences as a Black, queer, plus-size long-distance runner and multi-sport athlete, challenging fitness stereotypes and advocating for inclusivity. Her work has been featured in major outlets like Good Morning America and Huffington Post, and she has modeled for brands such as HOKA and Gymshark.

Snell's impact extends beyond her blog, with her writings appearing in Runner's World and The Root, garnering significant attention. She's participated in over 200 running events, including marathons and ultra-races. Her background in culinary arts and human services informs her approach to discussions on food, mental health, and fitness, focusing on bridging gaps in these industries for plus-size individuals.

Additionally, Snell hosts the Running Fat Chef™ podcast, interviewing athletes from various backgrounds, and co-hosts The Long Run with Martinus and Latoya, discussing the experiences of plus-sized runners. Away from her athletic pursuits, she enjoys life with her husband, son, and their cat, delving into hobbies like documentary watching and cooking. Learn more about her at

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