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Authentic Rebel Speaker Series

Jimmy Clare

Jimmy Clare, born in Millburn, New Jersey, faced adversity from the start. Doctors predicted a life with braces or crutches, but his family embraced him with love. Throughout school, he confronted bullying, eventually standing up to bullies and leading to their expulsion.

His life journey includes nine ear surgeries, with a remarkable day of three surgeries addressing wisdom teeth, moles, and a crucial ear operation. Despite these challenges, Jimmy's persistence prevails, proving doubters wrong time and again.

Living with spinal stenosis, Jimmy navigates each day with limited head movement. Yet, his unbroken spirit and determination serve as an inspiration, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and empowerment. Jimmy Clare's story is a testament to resilience, courage, and the transformative power of facing challenges with unwavering tenacity. Learn more about him at

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