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Poetry Is Life



In the stillness of the night,

When darkness veils the world from sight,

There shines a gentle, radiant light,

A glow so pure, so warm, so bright.

It emanates from deep within,

A spark of joy that's felt within,

A radiant beam that breaks the din,

And fills the soul with warmth akin.

Glowing like a star above,

A beacon of unwavering love,

It whispers of the skies above,

And guides us with its gentle shove.

In times of doubt and darkest hour,

The glow within holds timeless power,

To lift us up and help us flower,

In its warmth, we find our bower.

So let your inner light shine through,

Illuminate the world anew,

With kindness, joy, and love so true,

And let your glow inspire and imbue.

Jen Engevik
Shandrika McDowell

Love this so much.

Me gusta


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