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Becoming Someone New: A Journey Through Life's Uncertainties

In the mirror, a man of forty-three,

Eyes searching for who he's meant to be.

Years have passed, yet the path's unclear,

A heart of gold, yet burdened by fear.

Lost my father when I was a lad,

He loved me deeply, but saw me as not quite the man.

Not masculine enough, his judgement was stern,

His approval a fire that I could never earn.

I wonder through life with dreams in the mist,

A sailor adrift, but no compass kissed.

Creative sparks fly, but they flicker and die,

No guiding star in this vast, empty sky.

A good heart, they say, is a treasure to hold,

But in my own chest, it feels cold.

Low self-esteem is a chain, dragging me down,

In a sea of doubt, I feel I might drown.

Father, if you could see me now,

Would you still scowl and furrow your brow?

Or would you see the man I've become,

With all of my flaws, yet not wholly undone?

Lost in this world, no clear road ahead,

But maybe it's okay to walk where I'm led.

To forge my own path with each uncertain stride,

Embrace who I am, with nothing to hide.

For in this journey, perhaps I'll find,

The strength and courage to leave doubt behind.

A man of forty-three, still searching, it's true,

But in this search, I'm becoming something new.

Marc Bali
Heidi Millar
Charlotte Swartz
Dylan Henley
Heidi Millar
Heidi Millar
3 days ago

Thank you for sharing this! I am sure that there are a lot of people who can relate to feeling lost at many different stages throughout their lives. I love that you are “becoming something new.” Beautiful!



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