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Poetry Exchange: Words & Wonders


Why does the world feel so lost today,

Amidst the rush and the disarray?

In the hustle of life, where do we stand,

Caught between dreams and the shifting sand?

Technology's blaze, yet hearts feel cold,

In the race for progress, have we lost our hold?

In the quiet of night, I lie awake,

Thinking about our Earth, the choices we make.

I worry for the forests and the seas so wide,

As we change the world with our human tide.

Will the birds still sing in the morning light?

Will the stars still twinkle in the velvet night?

Victoria Vaughn
Todd Hamilton
Dylan Henley
Dylan Henley
Dylan Henley
8 hours ago

I also want to be responsible for this planet and everything in it.


Enjoy this amazing interview with the late Mary Oliver. Love Kristina Tippet's On-Being podcast so very much. Hope you enjoy :-)

Charlotte Swartz
Dylan Henley

Becoming Someone New: A Journey Through Life's Uncertainties

In the mirror, a man of forty-three,

Eyes searching for who he's meant to be.

Years have passed, yet the path's unclear,

A heart of gold, yet burdened by fear.

Lost my father when I was a lad,

Marc Bali
Heidi Millar
Charlotte Swartz
Dylan Henley
Heidi Millar
Heidi Millar
3 days ago

Thank you for sharing this! I am sure that there are a lot of people who can relate to feeling lost at many different stages throughout their lives. I love that you are “becoming something new.” Beautiful!



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