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@Everyone Meet Heather Shtuka (@hshtuka). In 2018, Heather woke up to the horrifying reality that her son had gone missing in a ski resort in Canada. He is yet to be found. Her story is so very touching, and her strength awe-inspiring. She'll be speaking at The Authentic Rebel Speaker Series on Feb. 23 at 6pm ET/3pm PT (the first day of the event). Please come and support her and her follow storytellers at the event. Get to know her in this video:

Don't miss out - we're being featured on NBC, CBS, and Fox News in various TV markets around the country - so reserve your digital seat before our emcee Anita is interviewed 😍

Shandrika McDowell
Leona Gamble

@hshtukayour story is beyond heartbreaking and your journey is inspiring. Thank you for your courage sharing it with the world. I'm really looking forward to your talk. 💛



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